Sarah Beeny health: Star confesses to her health downfall

Sarah Beeny discovers a leak in her new house

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The Channel 4 star made headlines when she revealed that her and her family had quit London for the Somerset countryside. The 49-year-old broadcaster along with her husband Graham Swift and their four sons, now live in a seven-bed countryside manor house, which they have opened up to cameras, for a sneak-peek into their new way of living and the renovations they plan on doing.

Uprooting location is not the only thing that Sarah has changed within her life. Before she fell pregnant she used to smoke heavily.

In an interview with The Independent a few years ago, Sarah admitted that she used to get through about 30 cigarettes a day, but since giving birth to eldest son Billy, 15, she has never taken up the habit again.

However, at the time, she did still admit to having at least one McDonald’s a week, continuing to add that “fast food is [her] downfall”.

In the interview, which was centered around her health, the star classed herself as “reasonably” healthy.

Yet, when pregnant, Sarah said that all attempts to eat healthily went out of the window, where instead she “ate what [she] liked”.

The star was exposed to unlimited qualities of cakes, chocolate and sweets, but later admitted that this change in diet was not as exciting as she thought it was going to be.

The star said: “I eat quite healthily – though I don’t know if I eat the full five portions a day as I don’t count them.

“Normally, I don’t eat many cakes or sweets either – although during my pregnancy I was quite bad and ate what I liked.

“Although I must admit that being unleashed into having unlimited quantities of chocolate wasn’t as exciting as I thought it was going to be.”

In addition to a reasonably healthy diet, Sarah confessed to not being overly keen on exercise.

The star added: “I couldn’t honestly say I enjoy exercise – probably because I’ve never been very good at sports. I would certainly never go out of my way to do any.

“Although in day-to-day life you have to walk around quite a lot. I walk to the Tube and to the car. And, if I park badly, I walk to the curb.”

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On the whole, Sarah’s fitness and health is at a good level, with no reports since that she has suffered from any ailments.

Although not known for certain, Sarah’s top-notch health could be down to her habit of keeping “enormous quantities of drugs for absolutely everything” stored in her medicine cabinet.

She admitted: “I have enormous quantities of drugs for absolutely everything, pills for every ailment you could imagine.

“Most of them are desperately out of date – I have some malaria tablets that are eight years old. But I do find it comforting to know that they are all there.”

The star also said that she is a fan of using aloe vera for “all sorts of things”, as well as homeopathic remedies like arnica to treat cuts and burns.

The NHS recommends a number of things for individuals to do in order to keep their bodies healthy, especially their hearts.

The top 10 tips to keep a healthy body include the following:

  1. Give up smoking
  2. Get active
  3. Manage your weight
  4. Eat more fibre
  5. Cut down saturated fat
  6. Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  7. Cut down on salt
  8. Eat fish
  9. Drink less alcohol
  10. Read food labels.

Keeping on top of her physical health has become even more of an importance for Sarah after she lost both her mother and stepmother to “dreadful” brain tumours. Now an ambassador for Brain Tumour Research, she hopes that one day there will be a cure for cancer.

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