Billie Eilish Went for an Understated Manicure to Accept Her First 2021 Grammy Award

After the tough year we've all just had, any fan of music (so… all of us…) has likely been looking forward to the stellar performances the 2021 Grammys typically brings, and that night is finally here. While we're still doing pandemic-style award shows, some of the kinks have finally been worked out, and for tonight's show, we're promised some live performances for limited audiences — with safety precautions, of course — while others have been prerecorded, with performers and nominees attending remotely. Among performers slated for the night is nominee Billie Eilish, who is known for her aesthetic in addition to her unmistakable sound.

Thanks to her staple look of raven hair with neon green roots, 19-year-old Eilish can be spotted from nearly a mile away. It's a bold dye job, and she rarely changes up her cut or style. Instead, it's her nails that usually serve as the centerpiece of her look. For the 63 annual Grammys, she started things off with a long, square-shaped manicure in a neutral color that fans got a preview of during Eilish's acceptance of her award for "Song Written for Visual Media," which she won for her song "No Time to Die." 

She accepted the award remotely with her older brother Finneas Baird O'Connell (who co-wrote the song with her) and posted a video to Instagram with the caption, "A GRAMMY?????????? thank you thank you thank you! what an amazing start to the day." Eilish also wore a cute scarf as a hair accessory and simple makeup to accept what may only be her first Grammy of the night. 

In the past, she's been known to match her manicure with her outfit (all the way down to her mask, during the pandemic) and has worked with artists like Sojin Oh and Tammy Taylor. No word yet who was responsible for this mani, but we'll update this post with proper credit — and more detail — as we have it. 

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