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What to consider when taking low-dose Aspirin to

The use of low-dose Aspirin leads to health benefits, but can also encourage health problems. In a recent Review, the advantages and disadvantages of taking low doses of Aspirin are explained.

In a recent Review, the overall balance of risks and benefits of taking has been analyzed by low doses of Aspirin. The results of the analysis were published in the English journal “the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology”.

Information from many studies were summarized

The current analysis has been carried out, because the overall balance between the risks and Benefits of taking Aspirin was still unclear, reports the researchers. Therefore, the research group summarized the known information consisting of analyses, all relevant observational studies and randomized controlled trials.

Benefits of taking Aspirin

The intake of low-dose Aspirin for people without cardiovascular disease was associated with a 17 percent lower incidence of cardiovascular events. Not-were not part of these events, fatal heart attacks, for example, non-fatal stroke, or cardiovascular-related deaths.

Cons of taking Aspirin

However, the intake can promote of low doses of Aspirin also health problems. The researchers found in their analysis that the use of low doses appears to increase of Aspirin the risk for gastrointestinal bleeding by 47 percent and the risk of intracranial bleeding by 34 percent.

Pros and cons must be weighed

The identified risks and benefits of taking low doses of Aspirin should be weighed in a formal decision analysis, in order to control the Aspirin use in primary prevention, report the researchers.

There was a connection with other health problems?

Although many people have studied the health effects in addition to cardiovascular diseases, and bleeding, is the evidence for such effects remains weak. Therefore, when deciding on the use of low-dose Aspirin should not stand in the foreground, advises the research group.

Came to the conclusion of the researchers?

Taking low doses of Aspirin lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease significantly, on the other hand, the use of increases but also the risk of internal bleeding, so the results of the evaluation. (as)

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