Bindi Irwin and Daughter Grace Warrior Eat Breakfast with ‘Sweethearts’ at Australia Zoo

Every picture and video Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler Powell share of their 9-month-old daughter Grace Warrior is my new favorite, but I’m going wild over the video Irwin posted this morning on Instagram. The video shows the little girl eating breakfast with “sweethearts.”

“Good morning from Australia Zoo!” Irwin captioned the video. “Enjoying a lovely breakfast with these sweethearts.”

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The sweethearts in the video are actually a mob of adorable kangaroos! The video shows baby Grace chilling in her stroller at the zoo while surrounded by tons of kangaroos. The camera pans around to show the kangaroos sitting, lying down, eating and even staring at the camera as Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” plays in the background.

Commenters found this video as adorable as I did, writing, “What a magical life this little girl is going to have” and “That gorgeous girl of you guys is SOOOOOO LUCKY to live there between all those amazing animals!!!!” Her regular breakfast is something out of a dream!

A few days ago, Bindi posted a festive picture of Grace in a red Christmas dress and matching bow in front of the Christmas tree, saying “Celebrating 9 months with this cutie on Christmas Day.” She also shared a list of her milestones, such as the fact that she’s crawling, waving, clapping, eating solid foods and loves saying “dada.” The cutest update, though? Her best friends are “Fergo the cassowary chick & Igloo the tortoise.”

It’s obvious this little girl already loves animals as much as her parents do!

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