Christina Perri Shares Family Photo After Stillbirth: 'We're Not Okay'

On November 25, Christina Perri posted on her Instagram to share with her fans the tragic news that her daughter had been stillborn. “Last night we lost our baby girl,” Perri wrote alongside a heart-wrenching photo of tiny fingers. “She was born silent after fighting so hard to make it to our world. She is at peace now and will live forever in our hearts.” 

Perri then — understandably — paused her posting for awhile, but returned today to share an update — and a photo of her almost-3-year-old daughter Carmella petting their (apparently new) family dog.

“I couldn’t think of one thing that felt appropriate to post after my last post other than Carmella and our little pug puppy, Chocolate Chip,” Perri captioned the post. “She has brought a little bit of joy back into our house.”

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Perri continued by sharing that in her grief, “the days have been long and yet also feel like they all blend into one. We’re not ok,” she explained of her family (Perri shares Carmella with husband Paul Costabile), “but we believe in a day we will be.”

For now, the family is taking things one day at a time. “Me, Paul, and Carmella all wrap each other up in love and in sadness every day,” Perri continued. “We’re learning to navigate our grief together. Some days we can’t swim, some days we float fine. Every day we burst into tears and every day we find moments to laugh. It’s been all the feelings, all the emotions, all the questions, all the anger, all the sadness; all day long.”

Of course Perri — who posted about her hospitalization due to pregnancy complications prior to her daughter’s stillbirth — is entitled to feel all the feelings, as is absolutely anyone who has gone through loss. And she’s not alone; plenty of other moms in the public eye, from Chrissy Teigen to Meghan Markle, have taken to social media (or, in Markle’s case, The New York Times) to share their pregnancy losses and immense grief with the world, simply in hopes of making others going through similar journeys feel less alone. And they’ve certainly accomplished that.

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What’s even more remarkable than Perri’s courage in sharing her story? Her ability to find gratitude despite it all.

“Yes, it’s been the worst experience of my life, but how bittersweet to also be the most loved I’ve ever felt at the same time,” she continued on her Instagram. “Thank you to everyone we know and everyone we don’t know who has held us up and everyone who has carried us through so far. Especially a heartfelt thank you to everyone who keeps showing us their own wounds and pain to help soften ours.”

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