Corona-crisis: Where to now volunteer help Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal, is needed

Show solidarity, be active!

Due to the Corona pandemic, many people just have more time than usual, because they are, for example, can in short-time work and/or many of the usual recreational activities currently do not exercise. In other areas, considerably more work is necessary, however, and support is urgently needed. Who is in these days so boring or too threatening to the home of the ceiling to fall on the head, here are some ways to be for the community.

Volunteers help in the hospital

In many hospitals as a Volunteer or a Voluntary report. There, primarily people with expertise and experience in the field of medicine and nursing will be sought. However, even non-specialists are welcome, able to take on, for example, tasks in the Transport or supply.

As there is no overall coordination for the application, you must be interested, self-active, and in the case of the individual hospitals in your area online or by phone whether there, Volunteers will be sought.

Food output of the panels

In Germany there are over 900 non-profit boards. These organizations are perfect to collect free surplus food from the retail and production. These are then distributed to more than 1.6 million people in need. In order to provide this necessary help, daily needs many Volunteers. These are often elderly people, who count to the high-risk group for infection with the novel coronavirus with a severe course.

Jochen Brühl, Chairman of the “Board Deutschland e. V.”, describes the Situation in a press release, the panel in such a way:

“The panel’s work is carried by older people. Every day you contribute on a voluntary basis, both physically and mentally demanding help and a valuable service to society. Men and women in the pension age to haul, clean and sort only the food, but to turn our customers. These are often lonely and excluded. Now, the help life old need our protection, our solidarity and support. I want to motivate younger people to fill the sudden gap in the help and to get involved“.

The boards currently need help in order to supply services or to extend, to pack food in bags or packages, as well as for the output of food under the open sky.

Through this search, you can find a panel in your area, and your support will not offer, unless you belong to the risk group.

Protective masks sewing

The non-profit organization “Johanniter-unfall-Hilfe e. V.” has the “action Näh❤love – Help: to appeal to-mouth-nose protectors sewing!” launched. You can sew either masks of their own Material and donations, or a Starter kit with fabric and sewing order. The Set contains Material for multiple masks as well as a stamped return envelope.

On the web page for the “action Nähstenliebe” you can find all the important information.

Neighborhood assistance

Many people currently need assistance, since they belong to the risk group or because they are ill already and are in quarantine. You are dependent on others to get food or medicines or may need someone to go out with the dog for a Walk.

If you want to offer your help, you can connect, for example, in the case of Facebook, a appropriate group. In multi-family houses, a notice Board can be mounted in the stairwell. This is just for the elderly help-seekers often more practical, because you often have no access to the Internet.

In any case, appropriate protective measures for themselves and others, and you hold your help, if possible, to a Person or a household to the risk of Infection for yourself and others to a minimum.

Blood or Plasma donations

How you can help through blood or plasma donation, is explained in our article “Corona-pandemic: your donation of blood can save lives”. (kh)