Corona-Warning-App launches today

Already in April, it was announced, now, she finally goes to the Start: The talk is of the Corona-Warning App from the Federal government. Since yesterday evening it is available for iOS and Android devices available free of charge. The App warns the user when he / she has had in the last 14 days of contact with a proven to with SARS-CoV-2-Infected. The goal is to get the pandemic even better in the handle.

Whether shopping, work, or in the tram: In our everyday lives we encounter other people who might be infected with the novel Coronavirus without you knowing about it. Because often, the symptoms only a few days after the contagion is noticeable. In this time, the Person can pass the Virus but already unnoticed to others. It is precisely here that the new Corona-Warning App comes in: it warns us if we had contact with a Covid-19 diseased Person, and gives us specific recommendations on what to do now. The App helps to keep the pandemic under control.

Data remain anonymous

And so the Whole thing works: Have two people in the Corona-Warning App installed, the App at a meeting of encrypted Codes. The App also measures how long the two people were in contact with each other and the distance between them was. Personal data such as Name, phone number, or the location of the App-user will not be disclosed, the identity remains a secret. The privacy is maintained over the entire duration of use, and all functions preserved. After fourteen days the Codes will automatically be deleted again.

One Person was tested positive for the Coronavirus, he may provide this Information anonymously to all other users. The App then warns anyone who had contact with the infected Person, and gives concrete recommendations on what to do now.

The application is available in the Apple App Store and Play Store of Google to Download. On Apple operating systems it works currently only on devices that have installed the latest Version of the operating system, iOS, 13.5,. On Android Smartphones, the App is with all versions from Android 6 compatible.

Pharmacies unterstüwill appreciate in the Covid-19-pandemic

Germany’s pharmacist welcome to the Corona-Warning-App as a new module for the control of the Covid-19 pandemic. "We support the application on our communication channels and in pharmacies before Ort", Friedemann Schmidt, President of the ABDA &ndash says; Federal Union Of German Associations Of Pharmacists. Schmidt further: "We know, of course, that you can not achieve with such digital applications, all people." Not everyone owns a Smartphone or is able to use the App. "We also want to step for those who the technical capabilities, or lack the skills, with the digitalization in the health sector to halten", so Schmidt. The approximately 19,000 pharmacies in Germany, according to ABDA, President of the good every day, 3.3 million patient contacts. In this way, the pharmacist can inform them directly and personally and explain.


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