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Corona-Protection? Disposable gloves are germ-skidding

In the meantime, the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection in public transport and most of the shopping was in the whole of Germany made mandatory. More and more often are now, but also people to protect yourself only with a mask in front of the Coronavirus, but also wear gloves. But is that really useful?

Whether in the supermarket or when you walk is that more and more people put on disposable gloves to protect themselves from infection with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. However, according to experts, bare” hands “are actually more hygienic if you will wash them regularly and thoroughly.

Transmission by droplet infection

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the Coronaviurs Transmission according to present knowledge “mainly through respiratory secretions, primarily droplets, such as coughing and Sneezing, as well as in the case of certain medical or dental policies associated with aerosol formation”.

The professionals that an indirect Transmission, for example via the hands or contaminated surfaces in the clinical environment is considered.

Therefore, some people put on disposable gloves, to protect against corona virus. But how useful is this measure?

Risk of infection is not contained

The R V Infocenter has a message for the world day of hand hygiene (5. May) indicate that disposable gloves made of Latex or rubber in contrast to the regular, thorough hand washing will not help reduce the risk of infection with corona virus.

“A lot of people feel better at the Moment, if the hands are covered. But if you touch it with gloves on things, you spread the virus to a greater extent than without,“ explains Friederike Kaiser, consulting doctor in the case of the R V insurance.

Because of the skin disease substances, pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, in principle, better than in art. The gloves they give this to a significantly greater extent.

“This is, for example, also be dangerous if the carrier with gloves on in the face.”

Gloves may only be worn short

In addition, the gloves may only be worn short, in order to provide protection.

“Firstly, the skin swells due to sweating and is more susceptible to germs. On the other, the gloves are porous and thus permeable to be. The carrier on the other hand behave often as if they were sure,“ said the Emperor.

Therefore, paramedics, for instance, are always a new Pair of gloves before you come to me for a new patient or a new patient in contact with – and dispose of them directly in the port.

“However, you, above all, protection from pathogens, which are transmitted through blood, such as HIV. Corona viruses are not transmitted directly over the hands, but only by contact with mucous membranes. In addition, you can with soap and water from hands remove.“

Thorough Hand Hygiene

The R V Infocenter has other tips:

Disposable gloves disposable article, which should generally only be used over a short period of time, and in any case multiple are.

The gloves a false sense of security: In case of prolonged use, barely visible holes in the thin Material. This also applies if the single-use gloves be washed.

The take Off is essential to ensure that the hands touch the germs-loaded external page.

In-depth hands with soap is a good protection against corona agents is washing viruses and other disease, for herself and others. It is recommended that the hands for at least 20 seconds to lather and then wash off. In order to better estimate rates of professionals, to sing, for example, twice “Happy Birthday”. (ad)