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Coronavirus: More people to Wear protective clothing ready

The uncertainties in relation to infections with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are still large and there is a growing concern in the population. Also rather unfounded Fears, such as, for example, infections caused by food are increasing. At the same time, the willingness to take self-protection measure increases.

The Fears and Worries in connection with the Corona-crisis, are recognized by the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) in weekly intervals. Compared to the last survey, and is currently an increased willingness to take personal protective measures to prevent transmission of the new Coronavirus. But still more than any/r was the fifth Respondent in the “Corona-Monitor”, without any protection measures.

Risk is seen very carefully

Compared with the previous week, the proportion of people who take no protective measures against infection with the new Coronavirus has fallen by ten percentage points, but still 22 percent of the respondents are not ready to take personal action. On the other hand, 78 percent of the survey participants give “a special effort to not contract the Virus,” stresses the BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel. This show, “the risk is seen by the corona virus very closely.”

Higher willingness to Wear protective masks

Of those who implement protective measures, will continue to be the steer clear of most frequently mentioned. However, the Wearing of protective clothing such as masks or gloves has won compared to the previous week, the importance of. “. While in the last week, only about six percent of the respondents, protective clothing proclaimed as a measure against infection, the proportion in this week already at 16 percent,“ the message of the BfR. Similarly, the use of disinfectants has increased.

Growing fear of infection through food

For the survey results to possible sources of infection, the doorknobs, and the contact with other people are still far in front, but it also shows a clear increase in the fear of being infected through food. “While in the previous week, only twelve percent of the respondents saw this as a high risk of Transmission, the value of this week at 18 percent,” reported to the BfR. The Federal Institute has, therefore, explicitly that “such a route of infection according to current knowledge, is unlikely to is through Hygiene to avoid”.

Acceptance of the curfew fades

Furthermore, it is in the current edition of the “Corona-monitor” shows that in the population, although most of the safety precautions taken are shared. However, acceptance wanes, in particular, the lock in imposed output. This is supported currently by 67 percent of respondents, while they were in the last week, 74 percent of the respondents to be appropriate. The cancellation of events, Restricting travel, and quarantine measures will continue to be supported by more than 90 percent of the respondents. (fp)