Coronavirus: ‘I thought I was going to die’ – patient sends stark warning after symptoms

Coronavirus has been confirmed in almost one million individuals across the world, while cases across the UK are continuing to rise. The government has urged the public to stay at home, to avoid becoming infected with the deadly disease or spreading the virus further.

One patient has explained that her coronavirus experience left her believing that she was going to die.

Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi revealed that her COVID-19 symptoms were “unbearable”, and that water and food “disgusted” her.

Osowobi, who was the 2019 Commonwealth Young Person of the Year, may have caught the virus during her trip from Nigeria to the UK.

Just a few days after, she started to develop coronavirus symptoms.

“Life finds ways of throwing LEMON at me,” Osowobi tweeted. “I’ve struggled w/ coming forward, but I want to inspire hope.

“I returned to Nigeria from the UK post-Commonwealth event [I totally enjoyed] & fell ill. As a responsible person, I self-isolated.

“Days after, I TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19. I had to self-isolate and also inform people I came in close contact with to get tested #COVID19.”

Osowobi explained that her experience was difficult, and that the coronavirus caused some debilitating symptoms.

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“The next days were tough,” she said. “No appetite. The nausea, vomit & stooling was unbearable. I thought I was going to die.

“Water, food, soap & all disgusted me. But I’d look at the wall & force myself to stay hydrated — drank ORS. I FOUGHT TO LIVE! I FOUGHT!!”

But, she managed to beat the virus, and is now completely coronavirus-free.

The 29-year-old urged the public to stay indoors and to practice social distancing.


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“Coronavirus is NOT a death sentence. People can survive and I HAVE,” added Osowobi.

“We should encourage people to get tested & stop the stigma. Practise social distancing and stop the spread.

“To every young person out there, please give your lungs a chance to beat this.

“Can I encourage you to stop smoking & live a healthy life at this time? A healthy lung is KEY!”


  • Coronavirus warning – three digestive symptoms that could be serious

It’s crucial that if you have coronavirus, or if you’ve developed any of the tell-tale symptoms, you should self-isolate for at least seven days.

Common signs of coronavirus include a high fever and a new, continuous cough, however.

Patients may have a fever if they feel hot to the touch on their chest or back.

A ‘new, continuous cough’ is described as having at least three coughing episodes in a 24-hour period.

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