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What Smoking and lung-sick people should pay attention to

By the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2-induced disease COVID-19 can affect the lungs significantly. People whose lung health is affected by factors such as lung diseases or Smoking, have gradients at a higher risk for heavier COVID-19 -. What should Affected pay attention to?

Dr. Gregory A. Poland is an Internist at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States. The expert summarizes the current state of knowledge on the topic of lung health and COVID-19, and provides answers to the question of whether smokers and people with primary diseases of the lung, more precautions should be taken by than people with healthy lungs.

People with poor lung health should be careful

“You can reduce your risk of developing COVID-19, by applying techniques for the prevention of HIV infection and other policies to slow the spread of Disease carefully follow,” explains Internist in a communication from the Mayo Clinic.

When will COVID-19 life-threatening?

COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory disease with symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. In severe cases, it frequently comes to a pneumonia that does not need to be rarely treated with a ventilator in an intensive care unit. In some cases, difficulty in breathing in conjunction with pneumonia COVID-19 life-threatening, warns Dr. Poland.

What are the effects of Smoking?

“A poor lung health seems to play in cases of death in connection with COVID-19 a role,” explains the doctor. Smoking can have a harmful effect. Current study results suggest that Smoking and smokers are more susceptible to a SARS-CoV-2 infection because Smoking weakens the body’s defenses against certain bacteria and viruses. But other factors also play a role here, for example, the age and the presence of underlying diseases.

Mortality is increased not only in lung disorders

Data from China show that the death rate from COVID-19 is in this country a total of around two percent. In Germany the death rate is currently running at approximately 0.8 per cent (as of: 01.04.2020). In the case of people who suffered from the infection of a lung disease, increased mortality rate in China is six per cent. In people with cardiovascular disease, even at ten percent, and Diabetes to seven percent, and hypertension at six per cent.

Protection measures should not only be observed from high-risk groups

“Regardless of whether you smoke or not, there are concrete measures you can take to protect themselves from the Virus”, says the Internist. So the coughing and Sneezing should always be made in a disposable cloth or in the crook of one arm. In addition, the hands should be washed regularly, and as little as possible on the face touch. If there are no opportunities to wash their hands, carry a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.

“Stay home if you are sick, and you insist that other people do in your household the Same,” recommends Dr. Poland. In addition, personal interactions should be avoided with sick persons appearing as possible.

Treatment focuses on Symptom control

Currently there are no antiviral drugs or vaccines against COVID-19. The treatment focuses on control of symptoms. “All of the allegations that a drug, an herbal Supplement, or other substance is effective against COVID-19, are not scientifically proven,” says Dr. Poland. He points out in detail that you should obtain current information on the pandemic only from reliable and trusted sources. (vb)

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