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What indicates changes in the sense of taste?

Almost half of the COVID-19-Diseased changes in sense of taste occur. This finding may provide a diagnostic indication of whether people COVID-suffer 19.

In a study headed by researchers at the University of Toledo ends, it was found that changes in taste may indicate a sense on COVID-19. The results of the systematic review were published in the English journal “Gastroenterology”.

Five studies were evaluated

For the study, the researchers analyzed data from five studies, which were carried out between mid-January and the end of March. Of the 817 surveyed persons 49.8% showed changes in their sense of taste. The actual prevalence could be even higher, since some of the studies on Reviews of patient records are based, which may not have identified every Symptom, so the research group.

Changes often occur on

Almost half of people developing COVID-19, experience changes in their sense of taste. In previous studies, this Symptom was noted, which was probably due to the Severity of other symptoms such as cough, fever and difficulty breathing, reports the researchers. Now to be clear, however, that an altered or lost taste, appearance sense, and not only in individual cases, but a significant part.

Changes in taste should be considered as a Symptom

Changes of the sense of taste should, in addition to fever, shortness of breath and cough as a symptoms for COVID-19 seen. This applies not only to people who are suspected of COVID-to-be 19 ill, but also for the General population, to identify otherwise healthy people the Virus.

Often, their disease is people are not aware of

Previous research has shown that a significant number of people infected with the Coronavirus, know nothing of their disease. This can lead to the affected persons spread the Virus may be unconsciously. Therefore, it is important to the disease note symptoms to detect as early as possible.

Appear changes in the sense of only mild cases?

The research group assumes that a change in taste occurs when people with mild symptoms more frequently, although further studies are needed to confirm this suspicion. However, changes in sense of taste of an individual could be a valuable way to identify people who are otherwise mostly asymptomatic, the Team explains.

Possible reason for taste changes

Taste disorders are associated with a variety of viral diseases. In the report it was not attempted to identify the reason for this is that COVID-19 changes in taste gives a sense of the affected people. The researchers suspect, however, that it is the ability of COVID-19 could be to bind to the so-called ACE-2 Receptor, which is expressed in the epithelial cells on the tongue and in the mouth.

Conclusion the research work

Changes of the sense of taste may indicate a disease by COVID-19. Such changes are identified at an early stage, this can help the spread of the disease. It seems as if the altered sense of taste, especially in mild cases of COVID-19 occurs. Whether it is for severe cases of the disease similar to that, is still unclear. Should you determine to changes of the sense of taste, avoid contact with other people and seek urgent medical advice. (as)