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Improved protection against lethal infection in a view?

Bacteria in our blood can cause deadly infections and diseases, therefore, it is important to note that such bacteria as quickly as possible, to be treated with medication effectively. A newly developed device is capable of dangerous bacteria in the blood quickly, easily, and effectively track.

In the current study of the Rochester Institute of Technology and Rutgers University–New Brunswick, the researchers developed a new device for the detection of harmful bacteria in our blood, which can cause life-threatening infections. The results of the research work were published in the English scientific journal “ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces“ published.

Dangerous bacteria must be quickly identified

When harmful bacteria accumulate in the blood of people, this can lead to deadly infections. This makes it particularly important that these bacteria be identified quickly, to immediately send a much-needed treatment. To this end, engineers have now developed a tiny device, which dangerous bacteria can detect in the blood quickly.

The right drugs can increase the chance of Survival

A fast identification against certain drug-resistant bacteria allows it, that immediately the right medication to be prescribed, which contributes to an increased probability of Survival, report researchers.

Resistant bacteria pose a great threat

Just drug-resistant bacteria (sometimes called Superbugs) is a huge threat to public health. Every year at least 700,000 people around the world die from drug-resistant infections, including as many as 230.000 deaths due to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

In the future, tens of millions of deaths per year due to drug resistant bacteria?

According to a report by the world health organization, WHO, in the year 2019, this number could rise up to the year 2050 by a total of ten million deaths per year, if no measures are taken, report researchers at the Rutgers University–New Brunswick in a news release.

How does the new device?

On the basis of a new approach to isolated, removes liquids and concentrates the tiny new device quickly target bacteria from the body. It filters efficient particulate and bacteria, and captures about 86 percent of them. The nano device has magnetic beads in different sizes. These are focus to Escherichia coli (E. coli)-determines bacteria and capture. The small spaces between these beads are used for the isolation of the bacteria in the device.

Further research is already being carried out

The inexpensive, transparent device is easy to manufacture and to operate. It is according to the study, ideal for the detection of disease-causing organisms in the laboratory and health care facilities. The research group is currently working on further perfecting the new device. (as)