Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini During Pool Time with Her 'Ride or Die,' Daughter Kaavia

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On Kaavia's account, a video posted Monday morning supplied a little more context to one photo shared by Union, which showed the toddler perched atop her mom's back as the latter was bent forward on the ground.

The clip (played over Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road") gave a glimpse at Kaavia riding on Union's back in multiple sessions, both with Union walking upright and crawling on the ground. She jostled her daughter around gently, with Kaavia clearly enjoying every moment.

In the final set of footage — taken during their mother-daughter pool day — Kaavia went one step further and grabbed her mama's sun hat right off her head, trying it on for size on herself.

"I took my horse down to Old Town Rd and now I need a new horse. I saved my receipt 👶🏾," read the post's hilarious caption.

Between bonding sessions with her baby girl, Union makes sure her cup is as full as it can be by prioritizing self-care whenever possible — and encourages other moms to do the same.

"We're super conditioned to not center ourselves in our own stories," Union (who's mom to Kaavia and stepmom to husband Dwyane Wade's children, including 13-year-old Zaya) told Katie Lowes earlier this month on her Katie's Crib Shondaland podcast.

"Anything less than giving every part of ourselves to other people [and] we're that selfish bitch, we're the bad mom, we're the bad wife, we're the bad friend when you don't give every piece of yourself to everyone else whenever they feel like they need it," she continued.

But Union believes it's "okay to center yourself and your needs and advocate for yourself and be the center of your own story and be the best self for yourself, so you can offer — in reasonable doses, and as you see fit — parts of you to other people," adding, "We say in our family and in our crew, 'We all we got.' Start with you first."

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