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How useful Vitamin D to protect against cancer?

A good Vitamin D Status in the prevention of cancer, as well as in the prognosis of various types of cancer, beneficial. The cancer inhibitory effects of Vitamin-D seems to be particularly pronounced in the prevention of colon and cancer of the blood.

A current overview article, which was written by Professor Carsten Carlberg of the University of Eastern Finland and Professor Alberto Muñoz of the Autonomous University of Madrid, studied the effects of Vitamin D on the prevention, treatment, and prognosis of various types of cancer. The article was published in the English journal “seminars in Cancer Biology”.

Vitamin D helps in the prevention and prognosis of cancer

The cancer inhibitory effects of Vitamin D helps in cancer prevention as well as in the prognosis of different types of cancer, particularly in the prevention and treatment of colon and blood cancer benefit Affected by a good Vitamin-D Status.

How does the responsiveness to Vitamin D?

In addition, a high level of responsiveness to Vitamin can be associated D with lower cancer risk, report the authors. The responsiveness to Vitamin D is different from Person to Person, and this has an effect on the need for Vitamin D supplementation.

Molecular basis of Vitamin-D signal transmission

The newly published article provides a current Overview of the molecular basis of Vitamin D signaling and its role in cancer prevention and cancer therapy. Vitamin D is, in General, for his decisive role in bone health. Vitamin D is also regulate the immune system to.

How can Vitamin protect D against cancer?

The effect of Vitamin D against cancer is mainly mediated by immune cells (such as monocytes and T-cells), explain the authors of the study. Vitamin D exerts its effects via the Vitamin D Receptor. This transcription factor is involved in the Expression and epigenetic Regulation of numerous genes.

The strongest Benefit in colon cancer and cancer of the blood

Studies focusing on the effect of Vitamin D in different cancer types, deliver according to the report, the strongest evidence for its Use in colon cancer and cancer of the blood. Vitamin D is both for the differentiation of blood cells during the so-called hematopoiesis (blood formation) as well as for adult stem cells to tissues in the fast-regenerating (such as colon or skin) is particularly important.

What causes a low Vitamin D Status?

A low Vitamin D Status leads to a suboptimal function of the Vitamin D receptor and to an increased risk that these cells do not differentiate fully. This can cause cells to grow uncontrollably and cancer cells turn. A low Vitamin D Status, measured as the content of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D in the blood, was also brought in other types of cancer (such as breast and prostate cancer), with a higher incidence of Cancer and a worse prognosis in the compound.

Vitamin D supplementation reduced cancer mortality?

In randomized controlled trials could, however, not been demonstrated consistently that Vitamin D supplementation lowers cancer mortality. According to the view of the authors of the current report, the influence of Vitamin could be shown in-D more clearly. The Participants of the studies according to their individual Vitamin-D-response capability would need to stratified, and the health results are analysed in terms of changes in the individual Vitamin D Status.

Some people talk only weak on Vitamin D

The research group of Professor Carlberg has already been demonstrated in the past that individuals differ in their molecular reaction or sensitivity to a Vitamin D supplementation significantly. For example, about 25 percent of the Finnish population speak only weak on Vitamin D. This group of the population therefore requires a higher dose of Vitamin D supplementation in order to achieve the full clinical Benefit. In relation to the risk of cancer, it can be assumed that a high response rate, a protective effect, the authors explain.

Helps Vitamin D in the treatment of cancer?

According to the report, a good Vitamin D Status is for the General prevention of cancer, it is a definite advantage. For the Use of Vitamin D in the treatment of cancer, however, there is far less evidence. (as)

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