Here’s The Crystal You Need To Get If You’re A Virgo

Acts of service, deep conservations and time to unwind — according to YourTango, these are a few of a Virgo person’s favorite things to do. Those diligent darlings spend so much time planning for the future that finding time to relax can be difficult. Those born between August 23 to September 22 are Virgos. Virgos are practical, down-to-earth people that rely on reason and logic in their decision-making. They tend to be very successful in life through their dedication and persistence, but you won’t catch them bragging about their achievements (via CHIJI).

The downside to their unassuming nature is that they can be prone to perfectionism and being overly critical of themselves (via The pressure Virgos put on themselves can cause inner turmoil and self-sabotaging thoughts. That’s why self-care is especially important for these eternal go-getters. And while there are several ways to de-stress, crystals are a new trend that could especially help Virgos. Virgos are an earth sign. So it should be no surprise that these natural beauties can especially connect with crystals.

Go from goal-getter to glow-getter

If you’re a jaded Virgo who is tired of overthinking little details, then CHIJI, a crystal-based self-care line suggests you try investing in jade crystals so your fresh face can remain evergreen. According to Business Insider, jade was popular among several ancient cultures including the Chinese, Egyptians, and Mayans. Crystal healer Carol Boote told Healthline, “China is where jade is truly revered and celebrated.” Upper-class people in the Qing dynasty of 17th century China regularly used jade rollers. Boote added, “Tribes in New Zealand would use jade to adorn their masks. They would also turn to the mystical powers of jade when they wanted to make an offering to the water spirits.”

Dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse of SkinSafe Dermatology and Skin Care in Los Angeles told Business Insider, “Authentic jade stones stay cool and don’t become warm when absorbing ambient or direct heat.” “Most of the benefits of jade rolling come from the application of cold to the skin,” added Shainhouse. 

Brooke Jeffy, who practices as a dermatologist at Spectrum Dermatology in Phoenix told Business Insider, “Through the act of massage, jade rollers increase circulation to the skin and encourage lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce puffiness.” Other than medical advantages jade can have on your skin, Boote claimed there are spiritual benefits as well. Boote said “[Jade] is a stone that does not demand from you. But instead it gives you all the love and courage you need to raise your own vibrations.” 

Other options for a crystal clear mindset

There isn’t anything more a relentless Virgo needs than a little TLC. But if jade is out of your budget or you prefer options, there are several other crystals you can try. CHIJI also suggests citrine, an amber-colored crystal, which can help Virgos achieve balance and focus. recommends amethyst, amazonite or fluorite. According to the blog, amethysts, with their light purple color can provide positive vibes. Amazonite helps achieve stability and a connection with your soul, while fluorite helps declutter your mind of negativity. If you’re new to crystals and want to implement them into your life, there are several options from jade facial rollers that can help tackle stress-induced wrinkles to citrine-infused candles that can help inspire a sensation of victory. And according to YourTango, the most important tool for Virgos is to recite can-do motivational mantras to match their incredible work ethic. 

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