How to create the right study environment for your kids at home

Letting in nature around the study area can drastically help with your child's concentration. Keeping indoor plants in your kid’s room can help purify the air and brighten up their room.

By Erik Jan Middelhoven

Whenever exam times are around the corner, parents tend to turn into super humans to provide the best study environment for their kids. As we spend more time at home due to pandemic, we all have come face to face with some of the stress and restrictions that homes present. Especially when it comes to finding a quiet corner to study and ace those multiple tests and final exams. From skewed sleep cycles to a noisy surrounding, studying from home is not easy on the kids, but strong planning and building a favorable study environment can change the apprehension around exams.

To ensure your child has the perfect environment to prepare for the upcoming exams, follow these effortless tips and make their exam time a little less stressful and a lot more fun.

Where to begin – tidy up and organise

The cleaner and more organised a study table is, the better your child can concentrate and make way to absorb new concepts and ideas. Having a tidy space around the study area can help concentrate when it’s time to sit down and study. An organised desk laden with storage boxes and desk organizers can be your savior while they comfortably jot down all the answers, concepts and ideas on their notebooks or memo board. Want to take an extra effort? Don’t forget to add pegboards to their study desk to hold all the little things they need while working on problems or formulating answers.

Go ergonomic all the way!

Distance does matter. Especially between your child and the tables, chairs they use while studying. None of us are a huge fan of posture-related pains, for ourselves or our kids. So, the study surface distance should be about waist-height. When your child sits down to read or study, she/he should be able to rest her/his elbows on the table without hunching up their shoulders. You should add a desk and chair that works best for keeping away that posture pain. The key is to not have everything close to hand, and allow them enough room to move, reach around for their books and other study material. When they are sitting at their desk, look for a chair that gives back support, is adjustable and swivels allowing for that all-important movement. Investing in an ergonomic chair has multiple benefits and sitting in the right posture to study is one of them.

Make the space comfortable

For a productive study session, create a space around your child that moves as per their convenience. A flexible setting allows them to study comfortably, while giving room to move around and break the monotony. Pick a spot that will help you keep your child relaxed, focused, and alert. If they like studying in the comfort of their bed, a bed tray along with a spotlight clamped to it can save your day. Grab a cushion to keep them comfy and a pencil case to keep them well equipped.

Light it up

A well-lit environment also helps concentration and relieves eye strain. Especially using light levels similar to daylight. If you can, setting up a study space next to a window is ideal. But you can also recreate daylight using lamps that have a similar light spectrum to natural sunshine. Task lighting on the desk helps provide focused lighting while studying.

Let nature in

Letting in nature around the study area can drastically help with your child’s concentration, if you don’t have a window, plants are great for filtering stale air and oxygenating their study environment. Keeping indoor plants in your kid’s room can help purify the air and brighten up their room. You can add hanging pots or self-watering plants; simply fix them to a wall if there’s not enough floor space!

Importance of good sleep

A good night’s sleep is your child’s best friend. Creating the right environment to get a good night’s sleep to recover the energy needed for a new study day is important. It is important for your child to wake-up refreshed everyday so that she/he can concentrate better and for that they need comfortable sleeping solutions. After all, being comfortable when you’re asleep is key for making the most of your waking hours.

Don’t forget the healthy meals

Prepare and serve healthy /nutritious food to your kids, so it gives them instant energy whenever it is required during exam time. Nutrition plays an important role in keeping energy levels up, Also, make sure to keep your child hydrated as drinking water has been shown to help with focus when they’re stuck in the middle of preparation.

With all these tips and solutions, you become a partner for building the required environment to ace exams.

(The writer is Home Furnishing & Retail Design Manager, IKEA India)

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