How To Properly Store 20 of The Most Common Fruit & Veg

We absolutely love an organised fridge – so much so that last week we reached out to Marie Kondo’s Aussie consultant, Gemma Quinn, to chat about how we can better organise our fridges to speed things up in the kitchen and reduce food waste.

But in the process, it had us thinking about something else that has everything to do with reducing food waste – making the fruit and veggies that we already have last their course.

So, in order to get the ultimate guide to how to stop food wastage by storing your food correctly, we spoke to Cailie Ford, Clinical Nutritionist Advisor for Good & Fugly. The team at Good & Fugly have created a business around rescuing wonky, quirky, and misshaped fruit and veg and delivering curated seasonal boxes fresh to consumers’ doors.

While the cosmetic standards of supermarkets mean a wild amount of great food never reaches our plates, the Good & Fugly team is on a mission to make saving the planet affordable, convenient, and delicious. More about that here.

For now, check out Cailie’s storage tops below.

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