Nicole Kidman Says She's 'Kept On a Tight Lock & Key' With Daughter Sunday Rose

As a mom to four kids, Nicole Kidman no doubt has plenty of experience in the parenting game. But it seems her newly-minted teenage daughter, Sunday Rose, is keeping Kidman on her toes. In a new interview with DuJour, the Oscar winner not only reveals that her 13-year-old has aspirations of getting into the entertainment business, but also that she pretty much runs the show in the Kidman Urban household.

Kidman told the magazine that Sunday Rose, whom she shares with husband Keith Urban, has dreams of being a film director,  adding, “through nothing I’ve done, though. She’s learned to edit, and if I even offer to be in one of her films, the sense is I’m not getting anywhere near them.”

And in typical teenager fashion, it seems the couple’s eldest daughter also runs a tight ship when it comes to public affection from her mega-watt mom and dad. Her proud mom shared that Sunday Rose recently directed a stage production of Annie, with Kidman revealing, “All I wanted to do was whoop and holler. But I’m kept on a tight lock and key. I just want to go, ‘You’re amazing.’ But I’m not allowed to call out the window of the car or even compliment too much.”

It seems Kidman is taking it all in stride, though, wading the stormy waters of parenting as best she can. In fact, she compares being a mom to a swimming pool: “As a parent, you’re the wall. They want to hold onto you and know you’re there, and then when they kick off, they want to know you’re there, too,” she said.

She also tries to strike a solid balance between taking acting jobs that require her to be apart from her family for too long. “I have this huge desire to be there for them,” she says of Sunday Rose and her youngest daughter, Faith Margaret. “I don’t want to miss their bedtimes. That bedtime is so deeply important for me. We talk. We try to have some consistency. The biggest consistency is ‘I’m here and I love you and that will never change.’ It’s a constant balance.”

Kidman also shares two adult children, Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Cruise, with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

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