Of 1.79 to 2.78 – New Mega-Hotspots allow reproduction number explode

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 8.8 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the novel Coronavirus, 189.947 in Germany – where it always comes back to local outbreaks. All the latest news on Corona-crisis in Germany, Europe and the world read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Covid-19-News from Germany and around the world – the top stories: After a number of violations: New Mega-Hotspots allow reproduction number explode – nearly 800 new infections (22.20 clock) Reporter uncovers illegal parties in Berlin (12.24 PM) Israel had Corona almost defeated, and now rolls out second wave (11.38 a.m.) the police power of the düsseldorf Local density (08.49 PM)

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Already more than 50,000 Corona Dead in Brazil

Monday, 22. June 2020, at 6.36 PM: The number of the Corona of the dead in Brazil on over 50,000 increased. A total of 50.617 patients had died so far in connection with the lung disease Covid-19, informed the Brazilian Ministry of health on Sunday evening (local time) on its Website. Over a Million people have been confirmed with the Coronavirus. The actual number is likely to be, according to experts, however, are much higher, since Brazil is testing relatively little. dpa Brazil complained already more than 50,000 Corona-Dead.

The largest country in Latin America is located in both infections as well as deaths in second place behind the United States. The rights of President Jair Bolsonaro called the Coronavirus, first as a "light Grippe" and is fighting still against output restrictions. The head of state, fears the economic damage of the lock downs. Although a number of States and cities have taken on their own protection measures, however, the restrictions will be relaxed in many places already.

New Mega-Hotspots allow reproduction number explode – nearly 800 new infections

22.20 PM: According to information from the health offices of the 16 Federal States of Germany reported on Sunday 773 Corona infections. However, this number is not complete, since four States have reported on this day no new Numbers. Meanwhile, the country recorded 189.947 infections in total, as actively infected 6.200 tendency apply just rising.

The reproduction number, i.e. the value indicating how many additional people infected with the Coronavirus Infected, is in the midst of the Corona-Gaus in the slaughterhouse Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück and other Hotspots in Göttingen, Berlin-neukoelln and Magdeburg shot strong in the air. The R-value has climbed in the past few days rapidly of 0.86 over 1.06 and 1.79, now of 2.78! This is, by far, the highest value since the Lockdown.

The Robert Koch Institute and the calculated R-value varies in times of lower new infections very, caused by individual outbursts. That is why this number is to be accorded somewhat less attention than in the peak phase of the pandemic.

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 35.282 (1.824 Deaths) *
  • Bavaria: 47.831 (There Were 2,562 Deaths)
  • Berlin: 7.832 (211 Deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 3.399 (170 Deaths)
  • Bremen: 1.651 (49 Deaths)
  • Hamburg: 5.169 (229 Deaths)
  • Hesse: 10.575 (500 Deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 792 (20 Deaths)
  • Lower Saxony: 13.243 (620 Deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 40.918 (1.663 Deaths)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 6.909 (234 Deaths)
  • Saarland: 2.760 (170 Deaths)
  • Saxony: 5.398 (220 Deaths) *
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1.840 (57 Deaths) *
  • Schleswig-Holstein: ‘s 3,134 (152 Deaths) *
  • Thuringia Is: 3.214 (178 Deaths)

* No message on Sunday

Total (As Of 21.06., 21.57 PM): 189.947 (8.859 Deaths)

The Previous Day (As Of 20.06., 21.45 PM): 189.174 (8.860 Deaths)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.

The number of Healed, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, some 174,900.

Currently, the RKI reported reproduction number: 2,88 (as of 21.06.)

Several schools close in Dortmund due to Coronavirus infections

20.51 PM: Due to infection with the Coronavirus have several schools in Dortmund until the summer holidays conclude. A child in a primary school in Dortmund-Eving was tested positive as the city announced on Sunday. Contact traces have arisen at the weekend for more cases. Are affected in addition to the elementary school, three vocational schools and a secondary school.

Since the first documented appearance of the Virus in Dortmund, 893 cases were detected, such as the city of new York. 779 Affected are considered to be recovered.

Eiffel tower re-opens: More Corona-relaxations in France from Monday

19.10 PM: France fans as of Monday the in the Corona-crisis imposed further restrictions. Camping places, and cinemas can open up under Hygiene pads again. In addition, all stations of the Paris Metro to open it again. The country-wide compulsory attendance applies to most of the students again. Reuters/Philippe Lopez/AFP/dpa passers-by on the bridge “Pont de Bir-Hakeim”, with views of the Eiffel tower.

Starting Wednesday, tourists can also visit the Eiffel tower again. On Friday, the Paris-Orly airport opens. Travel to France is for a week for German and most other EU citizens without restriction. President Emmanuel Macron had a "first Sieg" against the Virus spoken of the consequences of that in France already more than 29.600 people died.

Riots in protests against Corona-measures in The Hague

18.42 PM: protests against Corona-measures in The Hague unrest given. Mobile task forces of the police began on Sunday, water cannons and police horses, to the people to disperse crowd. Several hundred protesters, including many of the Hooligans, had deliberately sought confrontation with the police. "Nothing more to do with a normal Demonstration tun&quot has;, said a police spokesman on the Radio. Five people were arrested. They had thrown, according to information from the police with stones.

Mayor Johan Remkes had initially prohibited for safety reasons, the Demonstration against Corona-measures of the group “Virus Waanzin”. However, a few hundred protesters came to the Central station, as well as several hundred football Fans, the police announced. The mayor had permitted a short rally. As the atmosphere was violent and, above all, Hooligans towards the City wanted to draw, a handle to the police.

A place in the vicinity of the main railway station was cleared after several hundred protesters had refused to leave him. Several people had been detained, police said. A nearby shopping center was as a precautionary measure, been closed.

Corona-infection at primary school in Penig – students in quarantine

17.52 PM: After confirmed Corona-infection of a student at a primary school in Penig (district Mittelsachsen) is the teaching for the time being from. All of the children and the teachers of the class were in home quarantine and are examined on the Coronavirus, told the city Council on Sunday on its website. Previously, the &quot had;Free Presse" reported. All other students should learn in the next week as a precaution to home, it said. At the school, only emergency care will be offered. Icon photo: Jonas Güttler/dpa Hof: plate breaks from the ceiling and falls down primary school closed

In a secondary school in Augustusburg, also in the district of Central Saxony – had it been a recent infections. Finally, the number of Infected had risen in Saxony again easily (plus 24), especially in Saxony and in the Vogtland district. On Friday, the Ministry of health reported a total of 5398 detection of the Coronavirus-infected people in the free state. On the weekend, for the time being, shall be published no more Numbers.

Reporter uncovers illegal parties in Berlin

12.23 PM: A report of the "RBB" that there are in Berlin for many weeks, illegal parties in the district of Neukölln, with up to 500 guests. A Reporter of the channel has mixed undercover among the party people. There, he learns of a guest, the celebrations in a Park there already since March – to the contact restrictions in Germany. Since it had become more and more. Corona was there "actually, no topic mehr". On the pictures is to see how the people dancing close to each other, masks are not worn.

Israel had defeated Corona, almost, now rolls out second wave

11.35 am: in the face of a sharp rise in new infections has Israel’s Ministry of health, the hospitals in the country, the Corona departments to open. A spokesman for the Ministry confirmed on Sunday, a corresponding letter had been sent to the clinics.

Of Israel head of government Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, in a meeting with the heads of various ministries and experts, he heard several scenarios about the other pandemic in history, all of them grim. "If our behavior does not change immediately with respect to the mask duty and clearance rules, we are bringing down on us against our will a new blocking measures." On Monday he wanted to gather the Corona-Cabinet to advise on possible steps to curb the pandemic. Also in the Palestinian territories was recorded in the past few days, a rise in new infections.

In a Saturday report by the Israeli army and secret service was insistent before a second Corona-wave warned. Without rapid containment measures, the country must expect that the number of new infections will increase within one month to more than 1000 a day. Then also, hundreds of dead were feared. Gil Cohen stomach/XinHua/Reuters

The Professor Sigal Sadetzki, a high-ranking representative of the Ministry of health, said the arms station on Sunday: "We observe a worrying and continued increase in infections." They wanted to stir up fear, but to the Public, to tell the truth. "The possibilities of the health system are limited." Gil Cohen stomach/XinHua/Reuters

Israel had reacted to the beginning of the Corona-shaft very quickly with rigorous measures, the pandemic was in the small Mediterranean country, first of all, relatively harmless. In may step were made for its way loose. Since the end of may, the number of new infections has increased steadily. The Finance Ministry is, however, out of fear of further economic damage against the imposition of new measures.

According to information from the Ministry of health, the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 has been demonstrated previously on 20.686 people in Israel, 305 died.

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