Paulina Porizkova Says It Took 'Years' to Overcome Feeling Jealous of Other Women in New Instagram Post

On Wednesday, Paulina Porizkova shared to Instagram a screenshot of a negative comment on one of her recent photos. Now, the 56-year-old former supermodel is tackling those comments again in a follow-up post, this time by discussing the problem with writing negative commenters off as "jealous."

"Many of you mention it's jealousy when another woman posts a mean comment on my thread. And that may be so," Porizkova began her post, captioning a photo of herself posing for the camera in what appears to be a blue slip dress. "But by calling it jealousy, we're dismissing the women," she wrote. "It's such an easy way to eliminate a woman's perspective, 'eh, she's just jealous.'"

"Being jealous means you envy someone for something they have – and you don't," she continued. "I know this because I did it myself. I was jealous of women I thought were more beautiful, more successful, had better marriages." However, she points out that while she remembers "thinking those thoughts" she "would have never said it out loud," adding that "it was a sad, ungenerous world" she lived in.

"I put other women down to stand taller. I thought a kick behind the knee of another woman was the only solution to me being the standing one. And why did I have to be the only one standing? Because I knew I knew they were all better than me," she wrote. "For those of us who grew up feeling unloved, it's actually difficult to learn how to love."

However, over time, she realized that her jealousy was more about herself than others. "Took me years to understand it was I who needed to change, not the world around me. And what a beautiful world it is when you let generosity into your heart," she wrote.

While she understands where jealousy comes from, she does make it clear that there are no excuses for acting on jealous thoughts by trying to take down another person. "But here's the thing: thinking something is one thing, doing it is another. My thoughts made me miserable. But I never ever acted on them. Never," she wrote. "So although I understand, I'm NOT ok with people taking a dump on the floor of my living room. People need to own their sh*t."

She finished off the post with her trademark hashtags #betweenjloandbettywhite and #sexyhasnoexpirationdate along with a few new ones, including #sisterhood, #hatersaresad and #nopoopingonmycarpet.

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