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How does COVID-19 on the placenta?

If women fall ill during your pregnancy, COVID-19, this seems to result in changes to the placenta. Due to this injury of the placenta is an abnormal flow of blood between the mothers and their babies in the womb.

In the current study, the Northwestern University, it was found that Covid-19 seems to be in pregnancy with violations of the placenta connected to. The results of the study were published in the English journal “the American Journal of Clinical Pathology”.

Placenta of 16 women has been examined

For the study, the placenta of 16 women were examined during pregnancy were tested positive for COVID-19. Directly after the birth of the placenta of these women was subjected to pathological investigations. Four of the patients three to five weeks showed before the birth flu-like symptoms and were tested positive for the Virus. The other women were all tested positive when they came to childbirth.

There were miscarriages?

Fifteen participants brought in the third Trimester living babies to the world, one of the participants, however, suffered in the second Trimester a miscarriage. This patient was asymptomatic, so that it is not clear whether the Virus caused the miscarriage, or whether it has something to do with, reported the researchers. The research group are still four other cases of misconduct to known births in connection with COVID-19. These women showed symptoms and three out of four serious inflammation in the placenta.

What is the role of the placenta?

The placenta is the first Organ that forms in the fetal development. It acts as a lung, gut, kidney, and liver of the fetus receives oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s bloodstream and exchange waste materials. The placenta is also important for many of the hormonal changes in the body of the mother.

What are the anomalies observed in the placenta?

The placenta of the mothers had two common abnormalities: Inadequate blood flow from the mother to the fetus with abnormal blood vessels and the blood clots in the placenta. There is an emerging consensus that it can come at COVID-19 problems with blood clotting and blood vessel injury. The findings support the assumption that there may be clots from forming by the Coronavirus, in the placenta, according to the research group.

Most of the babies were full-term

“Most of these babies were discharged after an otherwise normal pregnancies, so that one would expect no errors to the placenta,” says study author Professor Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in a press release.

Damage in affected infants?

On the basis of the data, the researchers proceed from the ends thereof, the change in the placenta actually no negative effects for alive-born infants are likely to arise. Nevertheless, the study results speak in favour of pregnant women should be monitored with COVID-19 in more detail.

What Tests should be performed?

“This enhanced Monitoring could take the Form of stress Tests, which examined how well the placenta releases oxygen, or in the Form of the growth ultrasound, which is measured whether the Baby is growing healthy,” explains study author Dr. Emily Miller.

Conclusion of the study:

The results of the investigation show that a large part of the blood flow was blocked, and the placenta was often smaller than they should be, says Dr. Miller. The placenta will, however, constructed with an enormous redundancy. Even if only half of the placenta is working, it is the babies are often very good. But the danger is that some pregnancies might be at risk, the expert adds. (as)