Sophisticated Baby Names Beginning With 'S' For Your Small Sweetheart

So you’re searching for a baby name that’s as spectacular as your sweetie pie (you know, the small soul you’re about to welcome into your household) — and you’re super-set on a stupendous “S” name. Since “Q” names can be quite quirky and “R” names really robust, it makes sense you’d stroll your way further down the alphabet to seek out an “S” name that’s just seeping sophistication.

From strong, sensible standbys (Sally, Samuel, Sylvester) to the sumptous, stylish and straight-up snazzy (Sabra, Stetson, certainly Shadow), consider this your source for the smartest selection of “S” names you ever did see. Seriously, scope them out below and you’ll soon have your selection; some of these names are simply scintillating.

Traditional “S” names for girls

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Sophia, Sophie (means “wise” and she will be)

Sylvia (Plath, Rivera, Browne…this gal “from the forest” will be super smart)

Stella (get ready for years of reading Stella Lunato this celestial child)

Samantha (you might end up buying an American Girl doll for this one)

Sarah/Sara (a classic meaning “pure,” “happy,” or “princess”)

Serena (she’s back, Upper East Siders…)

Scarlett (she’ll definitely give a damn)

Savannah (a U.S. city name that’s a bit more elegant than Cheyenne or Nashville)

Sabrina (but will she prefer the Audrey Hepburn original or the Harrison Ford remake?)

Sally (you’ve got to admit Sal is an adorable nickname)

Trendy “S” names for girls

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Syla (said to mean “prayed for,” but also a sweet mash-up of Twyla and Sylvia)

Serenity (wishful naming?)

Siri (maybe only if you have an Android phone, though)

Sadie (means “mercy” so maybe she’ll have pity on you and sleep well?)

Selena (Quintanilla provides the greatest inspo — and the greatest binge-watch)

Suri (if it’s good enough for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise…)

Sierra (just don’t make her middle name Nevada)

Shoshana (Girls gave this one a resurgence)

Senna (Wild Senna is a beautiful yellow flower)

Salem (this one could definitely be any gender, but we love a little witchy gal)

Unisex “S” names

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Skyler, Schuyler (a borderline-hippie baby name we love)

Sky (or just go straight-up hippie with it)

Sal (short, sweet, and for any gender)

Sage (a nature name that means wisdom? Yes please)

Sabra (Egyptian for “patience”)

Shadow (come on, does it get more badass than this?)

Sam, Sammie, Sammy (as a nickname or just plain adorable on its own)

Sakari (means “sweet” in Hindi)

Shannon (the name of a river in Ireland)

Shane (means “gracious gift from God,” just like your babe)

Traditional “S” names for boys

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Samuel (did you know this was Mark Twain’s real name?)

Soren (this solid Scandinavian name means “reddish brown hair,” but you don’t have to take it literally)

Steven, Stephen (this Biblical name means “crown,” “wreath,” or “victorious”)

Sebastian (not just for adorable cartoon crabs!)

Sean, Shaun, Shawn (means “from the shady grove,” how chill)

Silas (“man of the forest” and my personal favorite)

Simon (meaning “he who hears,” this one is bound to be a good listener)

Santiago (the Spanish — and jazzier — version of James)

Samson (no haircuts for this guy)

Sylvester (if he grows up to be a boxer, don’t say we didn’t warn you)

Trendy “S” names for boys

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