The case of a disaster in Bavaria, proclaimed: What is closed, what are the restrictions

The Corona-crisis in Bavaria ever-more dramatic forms. The economy is to be kept with a billion in the life. Public life almost comes to a standstill.

In Bavaria, in the event of a disaster, is because of the Coronavirus-crisis from now on. The Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said on Monday in Munich. You’ll do that, because you need a unified strategy under a unified leadership, he said in the BR TV. "The challenge is growing daily, so we need to consistently, but respond appropriately."

Unlike in other countries, is it because of the Coronavirus in Bavaria, first of all, no curfews give. "This is not currently geplant", Söder said. He appealed but to all the citizens to think of exactly what places they wanted to visit.

The number of confirmed infections with the new Coronavirus in Bavaria since the days quickly. Until Sunday noon the country of registered office for health and food safety, to 886 cases in which people were tested in the free state of a positive effect on Sars-CoV-2. Of the 205 cases more than the previous day. Four elderly people died in the Stand Sunday evening, so far, proven to Covid-19.

Bavaria: schools and kindergartens from Monday closed

Since this Monday, 16. In March, all schools, kindergartens and day-care centres sealing – up to the start of the Easter holidays on 6. April. So, in fact, are in Bavaria, up to 20. April, the educational institutions closed.

There is an emergency occurs to plan for the care of certain children in "We will ensure care for parents in system-critical Occupations sind", as Minister of culture Michael Piazolo (Free voters). What are the professions in Bavaria as a "systemkritisch" are defined, explained, the Ministry of education here.

Opening hours of supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies expanded

In order to ensure basic food supplies and other key products, expanding Bavaria, but the shop opening hours for certain shops: supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies, gas stations, banks and some other shops are allowed to open during the week until 22: 00 and also open on Sundays. From Wednesday on selected transactions which are not in the basic supply required to be closed.

Restaurants opened in Bavaria only until 15 am

Restaurants should be allowed to open only from 6: 00 to 15: 00. In indoor areas there should be minimum clearances between the guests.

Aid package in the amount of ten billion Euro to protect the economy

To protect the economy from the effects of Corona-crisis, Bavaria is providing an aid package in the amount of ten billion euros, the debt will put a brake override. This Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said on Monday in Munich. "The situation is very serious and not changed on a daily basis, unfortunately for Guten", Söder said.

All of the developments to the Coronavirus you read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Cultural and sports venues in Bavaria closed

In addition, the free state extends the restrictions due to the spread of the Coronavirus more. Also sports fields and playgrounds should be locked. As of Tuesday Bars, cinemas and swimming pools will be closed.

In Bavaria, all state-owned theatres, concert halls and Opera houses from 11. March until the end of the Easter holidays on 19. April closed, the spread of the Coronavirus curb. The money for the tickets, you will report to, said arts Minister Bernd Sibler (CSU). Alone for the operas to reckon with costs of around four million euros.

The Bavarian state Opera wants to bring during the closing of selected pieces still on the stage in front of empty stands. Viewers could watch the performances live over the Internet, a spokesman said on Tuesday in Munich. Also many other houses and cultural institutions in Bavaria are in the next time. The city of Munich decided on Tuesday, the Philharmonic hall, the games room, close to the Volkstheater and the German theatre.

Public transport in Bavaria

The Virus slows down Germany. Now, the Deutsche Bahn will result in consequences. International Connections are aborted, regional trains and S-Bahn trains follow an emergency timetable. In Bavaria, the following specific Compounds are:

  • In the Southeast of Bavaria-rail will be starting on Monday, some of the amplifier trains on the route between Mühldorf and Munich.
  • At the gäuboden train in lower Bavaria, the holiday timetable applies.
  • The train service to Austria will set due to the closure of the Border starting on Monday: trains of the Meridian to Salzburg ends, therefore, prematurely in Freilassing, those to Kufstein in Kiefersfelden. From there, the trains are turning back in the direction of Munich.
  • S-Bahn in Munich: The DB information that will be as of Monday morning, the clock amplifier of the lines 2, 3, 4, and 8.
  • No train and bus to Tirol possible:
    The trains of the DB Regio AG in the direction of Seefeld in Tirol/Innsbruck Hbf in the middle of the forest.
    The trains of the DB Regio AG from the direction of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Reutte in Tirol in Griesen.
    The trains of the DB Regio AG from the direction of Kempten (Allg) Hbf and Reutte in Tirol in Pfronten-Steinach