The Smart Reason Ashley Graham Won't Weigh Herself During Pregnancy

For many people, stepping on the scale is an emotional experience, and for Ashley Graham, who is currently pregnant with twins, it’s not one she’s willing to endure right now. And for very good reason. 

The model has been outspoken about exercising while pregnant, even sharing post-workout videos on her Instagram page. During her first pregnancy with her son Isaac in 2019, Graham gained 50 pounds, however, she was quick to note that she was not concerned about her changing body since she felt healthy and mobile. 

Now that she’s pregnant with twins, Graham is ditching the scale altogether and directing her focus to her mental health. “With this pregnancy, I actually haven’t even weighed myself because I just don’t want to know,” Graham told PopSugar. “And it’s been really beneficial for me because my health isn’t determined by my weight.”

Although Graham is confident that she’s “taking great care of myself and the boys, repeating regular affirmations is a good reminder. “…There is this constant conversation that I’m having with myself, like: ‘Your body is a vessel. Your body is strong. Your body is meant to do this.’ And the affirmations never go away.”

In the interview, Graham also noted the differences between her two pregnancies. “Being pregnant the second time around is exciting, but you’re not looking at the apps to see what fruit size your baby is every single day,” she told the outlet. “And now knowing on the other side that it’s going to be a lot in the beginning, and I’m going to have my hands full, and there’s going to be diaper and poop everywhere. And it just is what it is. You go through it once, you can handle it twice.”

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