These Bodybuilders Tried to Do The Rock’s Black Adam<\/em> Workout

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been training even harder than usual lately, as he gears up to start filming the DC movie Black Adam, in which he will play the title character. Johnson has shared a number of his epic workouts for the movie on his Instagram, explaining how he is keen to embody the physicality of the comic book figure.

But just how hard are these superhero workouts? In a bid to find out, YouTube’s Buff Dudes—a.k.a. bodybuilding brothers Brandon and Hudson—took on Johnson’s chest and triceps routine, which incorporates giant sets of 4 exercises apiece.

The chest workout comprises 3 sets of 10 flys, chest press, incline press, finished off with bodyweight dips to failure. “Three compound movements back to back, starting off with an isolation movement for pre-exhaustion, is a very intense pairing of exercises to hit all the different angles,” says Brandon.

Johnson also recommends keeping the weights in these sets on the lighter side, which Hudson points out is sensible advice. “That way, you can focus on form,” he says. “Especially when you’re doing a giant set, that’s a lot of exercises back to back to back, so you’re going to be burning out much more than you normally would, so by doing them lighter, you can do all of them safely and keep that proper form throughout the duration… The Rock’s a busy man, he’s got to make these workouts as short and effective as possible.”

Once the chest portion of the workout is done, they move onto the triceps with 3 more giant sets, selecting exercises which will target each area of the muscle: 10 skullcrushers, 10 cross bench dips, 10 rope extensions, and 10 single-arm dumbbell French press.

“This is not only working in that pump, it’s working a lot of muscular endurance too,” says Brandon. “You’re really working the same muscle through four different movements… You’re also working a bit of cardiovascular too. You’re keeping the heart rate high, you’re burning a lot of energy in a short amount of time.”

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