This Under $10 Kitchen Tool Is Guaranteed to Keep Your Air Fryer Sparkling Clean

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We used to think that we had all of the kitchen appliances we needed, but there have been a few real wins in the past few years. Keurig K-Cup machines made it easier for us to have drinkable coffee at home, our Instant Pot went from being a novelty to being used more than our stove top, and we truly don’t know how we lived before getting an air fryer
. Our air fryer makes it possible to reheat pizza, wings, and french fries so well that they’re sometimes actually better than when we first got them in our take-out order. We’ve made all sorts of air-fryer recipes, from crispy Szechuan duck to doughnut puffs, and through it all we’ve only encountered one problem: the air fryer basket can be a total pain to clean. Then we found this affordable air fryer accessory
that’s under $10, and it makes cleaning up a total breeze.

Courtesy of Axiyoso.

Axiyoso Air Fryer Disposable Non-Stick Paper Liners, 50-Pack


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It turns out that the easiest way to clean your air fryer is by making sure it doesn’t get too dirty in the first place. These disposable air fryer liner papers
would have come in handy when your roomate decided to cook leftover garlic-sauced crawfish in the air fryer basket with nothing underneath it, right? And if you’ve ever dealt with melted pizza cheese that got burned onto your air fryer, you know it can be almost impossible to get off. Now, thanks to these non-stick disposable paper air fryer liners, you’ll never have to deal with the problem again.

Courtesy of Cosori.

COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo


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These liners are safe at temperatures up to 428 degrees, have a 4.5 cm edge so the side of your air fryer basket stays clean too, and the parchment material allows the hot air in your fryer to circulate properly around your food, so it still comes out crispy and delicious.

Combine these air fryer basket liners with an air fryer cooking time cheat sheet, and you’ll have everything you need for muss- and fuss-free snacks and meals made with your favorite appliance.

You can also use the liners in the microwave and oven, and you can use them to line steamers, too. No more stuck-on soup dumplings! Basically, they’ll make cooking easier, and for less than $10, why not treat yourself?

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