Unusual events for 1xBet bookmaker bets

The situation in in Europe, Asia and other continents associated with the epidemic of the previously unknown Covid-19 disease has forced most bookmakers to be more quirky and unpredictable in events on which to make bets. Previously familiar to everyone betting on sport is currently impossible due to the lack of national and world competitions. Among the companies that have expanded their betting range is 1xBet bookmaker.
So, are you ready to find out what non-sporting events 1xBet India already accepts bets on?


Perhaps some people will find this strange, but one of the most hottest events on 1xBet that is actively bet on is:

When a man goes to Mars?;

Which country will be the first on Mars?;

It will be a man or a woman?;

According to bookmakers companies, most players believe that this will happen in 2025. Well, we’ll wait and find out. By the way, on the website of 1xBet Company, this bet is a long-term one.


In conditions of self-isolation, people begin to demand bread and circuses, and 1xBet India joyfully ensure an opportunity for people not only to have fun, but also to earn a little money.

On the lending of the betting company, as well as using the Mobile App 1xBet or Telegram Chanel 1xbet, residents of India can place bets on… their President. So, the bid options look like this:

How long will Ram Nakht Kovind be in power;

Will Nakht Kovid grow a beard There;

And who will be its receiver.

It is worth noting that the coefficients for these events are simply huge. And as it turned out, not only sport betting attracts the citizens of India, but also the political life of their country.


In the face of massive epidemic, people are starting to bet on an end date to this madness. For example, one of the most popular topics on the websites of bookmakers companies is when the Coronavirus vaccine will be invented.

Online games

Unlike E-Sports, online games are less common among bookmakers, but in this situation, you do not have to choose. But players on the 1xBet India platform can choose to root for birds or for pigs. Yes, you understand correctly. We are talking about the Angry Birds online Championship, bets on which are still accepted. By the way, you can follow the progress of the battle using a special 1xBet App for Android, iOS and Windows, which can be downloaded for free on the 1xBet website.


As we can see, even in the face of an epidemic, 1xBet bookmarker continues to please its customers by inventing all new and new betting options.