Walmart Employees Want Customers To Stop Doing This

Okay, we get it. You’re in a crowded Walmart, just trying to pick up the groceries your family needs along with some odds and ends like toilet bowl cleaner and a package of hair ties because your daughter keeps losing them. The very last thing you want to do is wait around in a never-ending line, feeling like a sardine in a too-tight, over-packed container. 

We’ve heard of some brilliant hacks for getting in and out of Walmart as fast as possible, or for getting what you need from the retailer without setting foot inside at all, like utilizing free shipping on or picking up online purchases at your local store (via BestLife). But sometimes, a full grocery trip just can’t be avoided, and you find yourself trying to determine which line is shorter, which is moving fastest, and whether the hassle of self-checkout is worth the potential time-saving (unless, of course, you need help looking something up).

But whatever you do to try and make your checkout process faster, there’s one “trick” shoppers try that not only likely won’t work, but also makes Walmart employees crazy.

Walmart employees are begging you to stop doing this

Apparently, some Walmart shoppers frequently think they can avoid the lines at the front registers by bringing their cartload of groceries and home goods to the electronics counter in the back of the store. In a Reddit post, one Walmart employee vented, “If [I] have one more person bring me $500 worth of groceries to my electronics register at 8:29 and say, ‘Can [I] buy these here?’, I’m gonna lose it.” 

Many other Walmart employees chimed in and agreed, sharing what they say to customers in this situation. “I just say I’m not allowed to check out groceries, I normally just check out electronics,” admitted one. Another sarcastically replied in the way a stubborn customer might, saying, “But I have this popsocket and USB cable with my 2 weeks worth of groceries.” Another employee claimed they weren’t able to refuse, but did have their way of deterring customers from making this choice, sharing, “We couldn’t say no as our registers back there did have a scale before the 1st remodel. But I had no belt and only a 2 bag holder. Karen with 2 carts roll up I’d go super slow on purpose. She’d b***h. I’d be like ‘I’m sorry ma’am I can cancel the transaction and you can go up front if you’d like?’ That’d usually shut them up.”

So in short? Please don’t do this. Retail workers have it tough enough as it is — leave the electronics register for electronics, and checkout in front.

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