Andy Cohen’s Disastrous New Video With Son Ben Has Parents Everywhere Telling Him To Lie

As a parent, there comes a time when lying is the best policy. “I’m so sorry, the playground is closed today!” “Yes, I love your drawing.” “No, I didn’t throw away your old, torn up t-shirt, it must have gotten lost in the laundry!” It’s just what you have to do to get through the day sometimes. Well, Andy Cohen missed the memo, and his disastrous new video with 4-year-old son Ben had parents begging him to just tell a little white lie next time.

The Bravo TV host is enjoying breakfast with his son in a new video posted to Instagram, captioned, “Ask the Meatball….” In the video, Cohen holds up a Magic 8 Ball and asks his son, “Ben, what is this called?”

Ben responds, “A meatball!” he says in the cutest little voice. Cohen smiles and says, “It’s not called a meatball, silly. It’s called an eight ball.”

“Yeah, but I like to call it a meatball,” Ben insists. We totally agree with Ben — meatball is such a cuter name!

Later, Cohen says, “Should we ask the meatball if you’re going to have a good day at camp today?”

“Yeah!” Ben responds, before grabbing it out of his dad’s hands. “Can I ask it?”

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