Because Coronavirus: drug supply in Germany will be in danger

By the Coronavirus-crisis in China, could supply in Germany increased shortages of drugs come, fear experts. And thus, the Drug supply in this country at risk.

As for drugs, Germany is depending on Asia, especially from China: a number of drugs are produced there, therefore, the pharmacists are here to a possible problem of supply chain dependent.

Pharmacists have longer Alarm

It is there – in delivery – for whatever reason-difficulties, this has an enormous impact on the Drug supply in this country. In the worst case, the compartments for the affected drugs remain in German pharmacies empty.

This is one of the causes for the shortages of many drugs because of this problem, pharmacist beat for a long time already Alarm.

But now, the situation may be in China Grassi exacerbate the end of Coronavirus even more, fear experts.

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In Wuhan, there are pharmaceutical factories

Because of the new Virus particularly affected the city of Wuhan active ingredients for medicinal products are manufactured – more specifically, it involves the 19 active compounds, 17 of which are supply relevant, according to the "Spiegel" and refers to a Research of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM).

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus could not be excluded that the production will be affected in the Region due to quarantine or forced vacation and ran it in the result of shortages of medicines could come, is it loud "Spiegel" in an internal message to the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical industry.

"So many of the supply bottlenecks, there was a long nicht"

Now some drugs in Germany are almost: Exactly 257 drug lists the "The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices“ (BfArM) has currently in its database. All of these pharmaceutical products are heavy and to not get within two weeks. In part, patients have to wait months for it.

"So many of the supply bottlenecks, there was a long nicht", Mathias Arnold, Vice-President of the Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) said now the "Diabetes Ratgeber".

He, too, is a cause of the problem in the "Centralization of Produktion" in the far East, where the active ingredients are inexpensive to be manufactured.

The whole world will buy a few manufacturers. "It is a failure of production equipment or quality problems arise worldwide very quickly Engpässe", so Arnold.

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How much is Germany in the case of certain drugs dependent on China, shows an example of a case from the year 2016: at that Time, there was an Explosion in a pharmaceutical factory, which produces most of the important antibiotic-drug Piperacillin/Tazobactam.

After the Explosion, this according to the assessment of Infectious disease specialists &quot was in the world;below behrliche Medikament" almost. It is used in severe infections, especially in hospital infections.

Many clinics in Germany were forced to create contingency plans, to be able to, at least, the most severe cases with the scarce drug to treat.

In order to avoid it in the future again, now demanding the health Ministers of some länder drastic measures: they demand to relocate parts of the production of medicinal products back to Europe and Germany. This is from a survey of the "World on Sonntag" among the health Ministers of the countries. Also in the Bundestag factions of this thrust pushes the newspaper, according to the consent.

“I call on the Federal government’s rapid steps for increased drug production in Germany and the European Union", Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) told the blade.

Germany was once considered a "Pharmacy Welt"

Huml: "It is important to move quickly against the growing dependence on non-European countries in the case of vital medicinal products."

It came to that, Germany could build on a long Tradition: for Decades, the local pharmaceutical sector has enjoyed a very good reputation as a "Pharmacy Welt".