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Ten recommendations against the Coronavirus-Koller

The novel Coronavirus has Germany firmly in its grip – and the well-being for months. Schools and kindergartens are closed, events canceled. In order to curb the spread of the pathogen, it is important, interpersonal contacts to a Minimum. But there is a risk that “the ceiling falls on the head” if you stay constantly at home. An expert has some recommendations against the “cabin fever”.

Who are the most, or even all the time currently, due to the corona of a crisis at home, is exposed to enormous psychological stress. However, there are a number of things you can then company. An expert gives information about how you should quarantine or output restriction or curfew deal.

Psychological, social and physical health maintain

“We all currently find ourselves in a never-before-seen and for the majority of completely unusual, exceptional situation,” says Prof. Dr. Stephan Mühlig, holder of the professorship of Clinical psychology and psychotherapy of the Technical University (TU) of Chemnitz in a message.

Many people are currently concerned about the health dangers and economic impact of the “corona crisis”, but with increasing uncertainty, such as the weeks or even months in isolation, more or less, to in the own home environment to survive.

How can you contribute to your own mental, social and physical health to maintain and to protect themselves from the so-called “cabin fever”? Prof. Mühlig gives ten recommendations:

Daily rhythm to maintain

Also in the Home Office or Homeschooling is a regular daily rhythm, with solid stand-up should work, and times of sleep to be maintained. This creates a regular daily structure and promotes emotional stability.

It should be taken to ensure that the children receive adequate daily structure, even if you don’t have to be at the same time aroused as to the first lesson.

School children should be helped to structure the submitted school assignments and to edit them in a meaningful “portions”. Otherwise, many children will feel the unusual amount of tasks submitted by the teachers “clenched” for a week or more, literally “slain” and react with Anxiety, Stress, and resistance.

Just for working Single parents under the given conditions of an acute, double-burden between Home-Office duty and at the same time child care in their own household.

In case of doubt, the care for small children should take precedence over the professional duties. To achieve a reasonable Balance, should Home-Office-task-day time co-ordinated (for example, in the evening hours moved) that you leave with the small child-care arrange.

Employers and supervisors are required to show under the conditions of understanding and to make concessions to the working performance of the employees.

Movement in the fresh air-seek

If it is possible and allowed, you should go for a walk Outdoors alone or with family members. Movement and fresh air is beneficial to both the physical as well as mental health, the immune system is stimulated.

If the lung is ventilated by moderate effort, it is better perfused, which in turn supports the body’s defense against infections (also against SARS-CoV-2). At least a short-term change of location prevents the irritating monotony in your own four walls and also increases the well-being.

Children need time and opportunity to run around outside and in the fresh air, but for the time being, not with other children outside the family. This must be explained to the Small and against everything “Whining” to be enforced.

Training plan for sport activity home work

Also exercise in the home, contributes to the healthy posture and also improves the quality of life. Prof. Mühlig recommends an Indoor training plan together and come daily for at least 15 to 30 minutes in motion, as under good ventilation.

Easy and helpful Chi or the like for example jump rope (with or without a rope), squats, pushups, Sit-ups (crunches), and so on, or also Yoga, Tai -. On the Internet there are numerous, scientifically tested Indoor training programs for different age groups and training levels are to be found.

Regular, moderate exercising (until a slight sweating) stabilizes the circulatory System, the immune system, and also the psychological well-being and serves the voltage and stress reduction.

To strengthen the immune system on cigarettes and alcohol, refrain

People who smoke should cease as soon as possible so that, as Prof. Mühlig, who is also head of the Smoking outpatient clinic of Chemnitz.

A damaged or acutely inflamed lung is likely to be associated with an increased risk for a severe course of the disease, if Smoking should infect themselves and become ill.

Alcohol consumption is also not helpful. Alcohol kills viruses only in the test tube. Alcohol in the bloodstream does not, in contrast, protects against virus infection, however, interfere with the immune system. This is also true for other drugs.

Social contacts via Internet and telephone maintain

For many people, it is extremely difficult to, over a longer period of time, their social contacts, to suspend, are not allowed under the people go. We are social beings and need contact and exchange with other people.

Just the physical contact, the physical closeness to our social environment (outside the household) is to be avoided, but in the current Situation with the greatest consistency. Especially for people living Alone may be a very difficult Situation, you need to deal with for a limited time.

It is important for emotional balance, to make clear that the state of emergency remains in time is manageable. Fortunately, we can Dodge, but today on social media. In contrast to previous generations, almost all of the people in Germany and even worldwide are connected via the Internet to each other.

We can write in real time, or chat on the phone and via video chat to see and to entertain, almost as if we were sitting to us. You should take advantage of these opportunities, contact and exchange with as many family members, Girlfriends, friends and Acquaintances on Social Media are looking for.

In a difficult Situation you can share experiences and support each other. You should also remember to report proactively in the case of people living alone, in order to alleviate their loneliness experience.

Meaningful and varied jobs search

Under isolation conditions at home, you can deal useful, for example, do things you wanted to do from time to time: order to make the apartment “clean-out” and re-do the disk clean up, photos to archive, entertainment games with the family, or, again, read a book.

Television, computer games, Netflix Streaming, etc. serve the purpose of distraction. If the insulation should extend over several weeks, is to play passive entertainment or video, however, is too one-sided.

For the emotional stability it is important to look for tasks, you can remain in the waiting time productively.

Should be borne in mind that the hours-long Stream of movies and series, or similar high data volume transfers overloaded recreational purposes may have the networks and the social data exchange for Home-Office activities, which are necessary for the Functioning of our economy and society, to greatly affect.

Balance between and To-be-to-be Can find

The narrow living together under one roof, over a longer period of time it often comes to us, “the Other” get on your nerves, you can even fret about the little things extremely quickly and conflicts and disputes arise.

Here it is, a good Balance between being together and For himself-to find Can. This includes, first and foremost, to protect own privacy and to respect that of others.

For each member of the household retreat rooms and facilities must be established and maintained.

Rules for living together in the household

Some people know from WG-times: one of mutual respect, also, to find a common order in the household, and rules for living together. If all be more considerate to each other, there is less occasion for dispute.

You can’t go, but out of the way, you should avoid conflicts or quickly rules. For a pleasant living together, it is also helpful to do some activities with all the members of the Household regularly together, for example, the Ritual of shared meals, shared leisure time activities (games, crafts, Puzzles, etc.).

The time for yourself, you can use – instead of only with media consumption and distraction – is also useful, by doing something for your own spirit, for example, through relaxation, Meditation or listening to music or even playing Music or Singing.

On reputable sources of information pay attention

It is important not to lose the head. On the one hand, all should recognize the seriousness of the situation and behave accordingly. On the other hand, there are in spite of everything, no reason to panic.

We live in a rich country with many resources and this crisis will be through in the end. A factual and reasonable assessment of the situation helps not to Worry too much and maintain Confidence or regain it.

Belongs to a constructive resolution to inform themselves sufficiently and correctly. Prof. Mühlig indicates that you should on a daily basis to keep up to date, but on the seriousness of the sources of information should pay attention to. For this purpose, in particular, on information from the Federal and state government, as well as the Robert Koch Institute is used.

Unfortunately, numerous false information and conspiracy theories which some unscrupulous persons make important, or even earn money is circulating on the Internet again. This Fake News mislead them to wrong perceptions and wrong Actions. They are dangerous because of non-observance of safety recommendations puts us all at risk.

Children, you should explain the situation in age-appropriate language, without overwhelming you or to frighten. The message should be: Everything’s gonna be okay, we can do it!

In the case of excessive demand for assistance

Who has the impression that in spite of all this, handle the Situation, or, for example, anxiety, restlessness, strong tension, Hyperactivity, irritability, aggressive outbursts or severe depression suffers, should in time provide with the professional help system (for example, advice on health insurance, helpline, psycho-therapeutic counselling) contact by phone or E-Mail record. (ad)