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Corona-crisis: 3D printing to assist in the protection mask manufacturing

Protective equipment for the medical field is to get in the face of the Corona- “crisis” is currently often difficult to access. At the University of applied Sciences in Dortmund therefore be manufactured currently with the 3D printer items for Corona-protection masks, in order to support the clinics in supply.

“In the laboratories of the University of applied Sciences in Dortmund, the 3D printer is currently running on Overdrive to support the hospitals in the Region in the production of medical protective equipment”, the communication of the University of applied Sciences. Where else can students project or completion of work prepare, in the context of the “Rapid Prototyping”, are now produced in a “layer by layer, hour by hour, from the finest plastic powder, so-called Face Shields”.

Pragmatic solutions are in demand

Many hospitals are looking for given the lack of protective equipment to pragmatic solutions and the Ruhr regional hospital in Essen has turned, therefore, with an extraordinary request to the FH Dortmund. The hospital hoped to support the 3D printing and the University has decided, in cooperation with the departments of architecture, mechanical engineering, computer science and the Institute for the digitization of work and life worlds (IDiAL) to take up the challenge.

3D printer to produce Face Shields

Since then, the 3D-printer of the University of applied Sciences to produce the individual parts for Face Shields on the basis of a provided 3D model. It creates accurately parts made of plastic for the face protection, such as headbands and chin parts. The transparent plastic film in between, the actual protection will be cut with the lasers that are normally used for the construction of models in the Department of architecture of the University of applied Sciences, according to the FH Dortmund.

As much as is!

In the clinics is a high demand for Face Shields, is Paul-Andreas Maurer from the Department of mechanical engineering and lecturer in building material technology at the faculty of architecture at the FH Dortmund emphasized. “We produce here, according to the Motto: as much as is”, continued Maurer. Currently, the University of applied Sciences could create about 300 Sets per week. A majority of this brace of high-performance 3D printer in the laboratory for Additive manufacturing.

The used 3D-printer is extremely fast, produces high piece numbers and resources at the same time is gentle, explains the expert. Currently am also working to increase the capacity for the printing of the Face Shields further adds Matthias Krause, who serves as the scientific staff of the laboratory for Additive manufacturing with the 3D printer.

80 protective masks in eleven hours

A total of a print job with 80 Face Shields will take on the University of applied Sciences Dortmund for around eleven hours. “That sounds long, but actually very fast,” says the communication from the University of applied Sciences. As soon as the components are cooled, they still radiates bead close, to clean the surface and all of the individual passed parts to the clinics, where you in the first place and then assembled to be sterilized. Supplies currently, the Ruhr regional hospital in Essen and the Klinikum Dortmund.

Face Shields could be re-used

“We are very pleased that we can contribute to the technical equipment of our laboratories and the commitment of our scientific staff, to protect the doctors and the nursing staff in the hospitals are better,” emphasises Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schwick, rector of the University of applied Sciences in Dortmund. In contrast to simple medical, breathing protection masks, medical protective shields also provide the advantage that they are disinfected longer used, and can be used again. (fp)