Costco Just Added a Savory New Item to Its Bakery Section & It's Perfect for Chili Lovers

If you like your meals to have a bit of a kick, then get to Costco ASAP. The Costco bakery section is currently selling a Kirkland Chile Cornbread that will heat up any dish you serve it with. It’s savory, spicy, and packed with flavor that will inspire you to whip up a crockpot of chili — however, some Instagram users aren’t totally sold on it yet. But hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it!

“Green Chile Cornbread is NEW at Costco!” the creator behind the Costco Buys Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “This delicious cornbread if infused with green chiles for a slightly spicy kick to a classic! We loved it! Only $6.99!”

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The Costco shoppers who have tried the cornbread so far are reporting mixed reviews. “It was pretty sweet but super good warmed with butter,” one person commented on the post. Another added, “Time to make chili.” How good would that pairing be?

“We got some yesterday!” another person wrote, adding, “It was good, but could have used more chiles in it.” And another person said, “It’s actually really good! It’s not dry and very flavorful. I finished a whole one.”

However, other shoppers aren’t as on board with the Green Chile Cornbread as their cohorts. “I am pro anything Costco but this looks like it’s sprinkled with pollen,” one person wrote in the comments. And someone else said, “Was not that great. I’m still going to eat it tho.” Fair enough.

Check your local Costco’s bakery section to see if the Kirkland Green Chile Cornbread is being offered and try it out for yourself. It could just be your new favorite chili side!

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