Dr Amir says new blood test could detect more than 50 types of cancer

Dr Amir speaks about revolutionary new cancer test

Early cancer detection can significantly improve treatment outcomes and prognosis, prompting scientists to identify ways to catch the deadly culprit early.

Fortunately, a new blood test seems to be a great candidate for this job, according to researchers.

The blood test, known as the Galleri test, could help detect more than 50 types of cancer.

Offered to patients who presented to their GP with potential cancer symptoms, the test managed to correctly identify two out of every three cancers among 5,000 people in England or Wales.

Dr Amir Khan has highlighted the importance of scientific advancements in cancer research, stating that “early diagnosis is key”.

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Speaking on ITV’s show Lorraine, the TV doctor said: “This is some good news.

“It also managed to pinpoint 85 percent of the cancers to where the cancer originated.”

The new blood test works by looking for distinct changes in bits of genetic code that leak from different cancers. 

Dr Amir continued: “What we know is that our cells release DNA into our blood all the time – healthy cells do it, cancerous cells do it.

“And this blood test picked up the DNA of the cancerous blood cells and told us where that originated from.”

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