Expert warns: In case of a long Corona-insulation dangerous episode threatening diseases

How long the Isolation will continue in the frame of the Corona-crisis, remains to be seen. For too long, this measure should not be maintained, says a German statistics Professor. The health consequences would be compared to the risk of the actual disease significantly more dangerous.

The Dortmund statistics-Professor Walter Krämer warns against the restrictive Anti-Corona to maintain the action for too long, since, otherwise, a potentially fatal consequence could increase diseases. "The people are fat, start it Diabetes is on the increase, it will increase domestic violence, and suicides are on the increase. The current measures to take to long, threaten serious problems for the health of the Bundesbürger", Krämer said in a conversation with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung".

"Two, three weeks with no Sport and too much eating, and social Isolation are not a Problem. But if we had to this state significantly longer, which would be of Benefit is less than the cost." Now &quot be;Cardiovascular diseases in Germany, the number one cause of death, 300,000 people die per year daran", so the statistician. "It is known that Obesity and lack of exercise promote these diseases."

Long months of Isolation "completely unwahrscheinlich"

Krämer has made as a specialist in the Social, economic and health statistics, a name and teaches at the Technical University of Dortmund. The current measures taken by the government would quickly lead to the spread of the Virus to contain, were the other negative consequences for the General health "as collateral damage hinnehmbar", as Krämer. "As a statistician, you have to watch however, as you can preserve the most life from early death."

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The current regulations, would receive over a number of months or even a year to maintain, holds Krämer, therefore, for "completely unwahrscheinlich". He said: "I assume that we have to stop in two, three weeks with the current measures, and that we’d have the laugh of us in two months about how we have us in panic." If all German citizens were now on the Two-person rule, would be the Corona-crisis soon "only an evil Traum", the statistics Professor said.

Risk will be overestimated measures, nevertheless correctly

Overall, the danger outgoing from the Coronavirus overrated, from his point of view: "Only very few of them die, approximately one half of one percent or even less. In all infectious diseases one of the lowest mortality rates, there is."

Exaggerated huckster is not the current drastic measures yet. Soon test methods were available with which to "relatively schnell" could determine whether someone has the Virus or not. "Then, when the have it, be put in quarantine, is over the Drama."

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