Fans are Losing it Over Drew Scott’s Adorable Glimpse of Linda Phan & Son Parker During Bonding Time

Drew Scott and Linda Phan have decided to treat fans to a seriously adorable snapshot of their kiddo Parker, and it’s been sending fans into a frenzy.

On March 22, the It Takes Two co-author shared an adorable snapshot of Phan and Parker with the cheeky caption, “My feet are so cute.”

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In the super-rare photo, we see mama Phan smiling as she holds onto Parker’s little feet during their bonding time, and it’s safe to say fans have been losing it over the rare glimpse of Parker! One fan said, “Baby toe jammies are the best! 🥰,” while another added, “OMG! This is too cute 🥰!”

Now, Scott has been sharing quite a few snapshots of his and Phan’s son, but has kept his face hidden from the public eye. Much to the chagrin of many nosy onlookers, the lovebirds have decided to keep Parker’s face off of social media to keep his privacy. It’s their choice, and it works for them, and seriously, who could complain about an adorable baby feet photo like this?

Scott and Phan originally met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010, later marrying in 2018. After over a decade together, Scott and Phan welcomed their son Parker James in May 2022. (Where has the time gone?!)

In a rare interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Property Brothers star said that fatherhood “unlocks a side you didn’t know you had.” He said, “I have this deep love for Linda, but then, all of a sudden, that’s the shallow pool. I’m not saying shallow with Linda, I love Linda, but there’s a whole other depth to Linda and my love together with Parker. It’s amazing just seeing his face when he looks at you, like, once he started focusing in and he locks eyes with you — oh, your heart melts. It’s amazing.”

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