Fix bloating with this ‘life changing’ gut health supplement

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Gut health has become a bigger health priority for Brits as digestion issues become more common. There are many ways to help improve your digestive system and shoppers are praising a new supplement for helping relieve inflammatory problems.

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The Trust Your Gut supplement from Puresport is the perfect aid to digestive issues and can help relieve bloating, pains and more. Utilising the powerful benefits of Reishi mushroom, it’s different from other gut health supplements and is also easy to take in your daily life.

Bloating, poor digestion and bowel pain can all be relieved by maintaining a healthy gut.

Supplements and probiotics have been proven to help with gut health and shoppers are praising a new health supplement for helping them cure digestive issues.

Launched in July, the Trust Your Gut supplement has been created by Puresport and utilities high level Reishi mushroom, which is one of nature’s most powerful gut healing ingredients.

With positive reviews from shoppers, it’s different from other gut health supplements and has been called a fantastic addition to daily life.

Puresport’s Trust Your Gut supplement is different due to its use of adaptogenic mushrooms and Reishi is packed with antioxidants that decrease inflammation.

The beta-glucans in the mushroom encourage the growth of probiotic bacteria and Reishi has also been shown to improve cognitive function.

Grayson Hart, founder of Puresport said: “This is our most technical and innovative formulation yet. It’s taken 12 months to create the final product, and the unique formulation uses premium-quality, ethically sourced, 100 percent natural ingredients, including the unique digestive enzyme blend and a carefully crafted mix of nature’s most profound ingredients to enhance gut health.”

It’s available online for £40 for 60 capsules, but shoppers can get it for 20 percent off when they subscribe and save, dropping it down to just £32.

Shoppers have found that the Trust Your Gut supplement effective in helping relieve stomach issues.

Lisa Appleton reviewed on Trustpilot: “A little goes a long way. Love this product. Really helps recovery and soothes muscles.”

Rachel Attwood added: “Life changing! I have been using Trust your Gut capsules for a month and I hadn’t realised the difference they had made until I ran out.”

She continued: “Far less bloated, improved my digestion and in turn helped me feel far better in myself.”

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