Give your health a fresh boost with rice water

Here are some reasons why you must absolutely incorporate it in your everyday life.

Are you looking for a super ingredient — besides water — that can become an elixir and give your health a much-needed boost? Well, the next time you prepare rice, make sure that you save the rice water, as opposed to discarding it, something that most people do.

If you are wondering how beneficial it is, look no further. Here are some reasons why you must absolutely incorporate it in your everyday life. Read on.

* That rice water is good for the skin is a known fact. It is believed that it helps prevent the dryness of skin. In fact, the first time it was used for improving the skin was some 1,000 years ago in Japan. The water can soothe irritation on the skin caused by detergents, cleaning solutions and shampoos. Just like regular water, if you wash your face with cold rice water, it can make your skin visibly better. It is also believed to act as an anti-ageing product by tightening the skin and cleaning the pores.

* Rice water is also great for hair, and even this has been established. It is rich in vitamin A, C, D, and E, which help the hair regain lost shine and growth. In fact, studies have proven that when you wash your hair with rice water, you increase the elasticity and smoothen the locks. If you are looking to try it, wash your hair with rice water, leave it on for a while, and then wash it off again with mild shampoo and a milder conditioner. In fact, do it right now since you cannot go to the salon for a hair spa.

* You can also use it for regulating the body temperature. How, you ask? With summers here, the body is likely to experience more bouts of dehydration. By consuming rice water, you can stop that from happening, along with diarrhea. It is a great way to cool down the body and replace all the water that the body loses in the form of sweat.

* By keeping you hydrated, it can boost your energy, too. Rice water has significant carbohydrate content, which the body can absorb and quickly turn into energy.

* Last, but definitely not the least, it helps you to stay relaxed. You can add some rice water to your bath the next time you take a shower. It has the ability to wash all the stress and tension of the day away, and leave you feeling absolutely rejuvenated.

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