43 illegal harvest helpers stopped by the open border to the Netherlands

The Coronavirus pandemic has the world: More than 2 million people worldwide are ill. Germany has set out to curb the new rules. The strong made the USA also works. How Germany and the world with the Coronavirus pandemic bypass and the latest News in the Ticker from FOCUS Online.

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43 illegal harvest helpers stopped by the open border to the Netherlands

The CSU is required to combat the Corona pandemic, the use of the Federal police on all German country borders. To FOCUS the Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on internal Affairs, Andrea Lindholz said: “A risk of Transmission exists in the world in a vast number of regions. Therefore, should take place at every German border controls." Lindholz criticized, on the border to the Netherlands, no people at the point of entry into the Federal Republic of Germany to be controlled.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) declared the Netherlands is one of the most risk area. Also, Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer is still border controls on the German-Dutch border. Reason for this is that the border of the loophole for illegal immigrants to the developed end. In an internal memo of the Federal Minister of the interior means that the harvesters and human traffickers and asylum seekers crossed illegally the border to Germany. Accordingly, the Federal police to handle, for example, on Holy Saturday 43 Bulgarian harvest worker in Münster. They were flown from Sofia to Eindhoven and had taken the train in the Westphalian metropolis. The for harvest workers, mandatory medical certificate, they could not have. The men are wanted on asparagus fields in the district of Warendorf work. Friso Gentsch/dpa

Armin Laschet, Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia, had been the very last on the other hand for open borders in the Netherlands and Belgium. "Health can only be achieved across borders,“ he explained around the beginning of April in a video message on Twitter, which was recorded in Vaals on the Dutch-German border.

In the "Euregio" the people live across borders. In a nearby hospital patients from Germany and the Netherlands would also be treated together. The decision of the so-called "Corona-Kabinetts" in Berlin, the support for this decision, he welcomed explicitly. "The fight has gelohnt".

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