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This diet slows down cognitive decline

Diet-related factors, according to a current analysis about how quickly the cognitive deterioration with increasing age progresses. A diet with a high proportion of vegetables, whole grains, fish and olive oil seems to be the spiritual power of slow shrinkage.

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health in the United States, the nutrition analyzed data of approximately 8,000 subjects, and subjects were observed over a period of up to ten years. The Participants, who considered themselves the most to a Mediterranean diet had the lowest risk of cognitive impairment. A high fish and vegetable consumption seemed to have the greatest protective effect. The results were recently presented in the journal “Alzheimer’s and Dementia”.

Mediterranean diet slows cognitive decline

“We need to examine how diet affects the brain and the eye,” explains study lead author, Dr. Emily Chew. A lot of people respect your opinion too little on the food. The evaluation of the food-related data showed that adherence to a Mediterranean diet is associated with the strongest slowdown in the rate of cognitive decline.

Particularly, a high proportion of fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, nuts, legumes, fish and olive oil played in this context a significant role. Was slows down the mental removal by a low consumption of red meat and alcohol. Among all the evaluated foods, fish and vegetables had the greatest protective effect.

Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease?

The researchers come to the conclusion that a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet, regardless of the personal risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, slows down the mental deterioration. The researchers were able to show at the population level, that is, cognitive and neuronal health depend on with of the diet. (vb)

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