Health system optimism for Oracle Health dropped last year, says KLAS

The new study from the Arch Collaborative is composed of findings gathered from three rounds of interviews with Oracle Health (Cerner) customers in March, July and November 2022.

Delivering on promises questioned

According to KLAS researchers customers would like Oracle Health to deliver on past promises around revenue cycle, physician experience and other areas.

While several will continue with Oracle Health under their contracts, they say they are losing confidence in the company’s ability to execute on its visions and thus are unsure of how long-term their relationships with the electronic health records and revenue cycle management company will be.

“We are on the fence about Cerner being our long-term partner because they are sending mixed messages even though the vendor is saying all of the right things at their user group meetings,” one healthcare VP said.

“The vendor is talking about revamping the EHR’s back end and RevElate for the cloud, but they are also laying off tons of employees. For me, those things don’t equate. Ultimately, Cerner needs to start pushing out some codes and driving actual results with their products,” the interviewee said.

Another respondent was concerned that RevElate’s promised capabilities that have yet to materialize will soon be surpassed by other vendors.

“Ever since [RevElate] was introduced in October 2021, most respondents — across all three rounds of interviews — have seen only screenshots of the software and have never viewed the system in a live environment, and some go so far as to call the product vaporware,” the KLAS researchers said in the report.

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