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Apple Watch recognizes the severity of circulatory disorders of the heart

Electronic wrist watches, so-called Smartwatches, are also for the health and serve as a digital diagnostic helpers. With some models you can customize, for example, each of an ECG. In addition, some of the small devices, heart rhythm and can detect faults. And physicians now report that a specific product can also find heart-circulatory disorders.

Smartwatches can be, according to experts, among other things, for heart disease is useful. With some of the electronic watches electrocardiograms (ECGs) can be recorded, and heart rhythm disturbances can be identified. Now it has been discovered that by using a specific Smartwatch in addition to heart rhythm – heart blood circulation problems over time.

Discovery could help Prevent heart attacks

On the market, Smartwatches are no longer available, which may detect, among other things, cardiac rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation correctly.

This was also the last year in the journal “JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology” study published by scientists of the German center for cardiovascular research (DZHK) at the University medicine Greifswald and the University hospital of Basel.

And now a team of Doctors of the cardio practice, Mainz and the centre for cardiology of the University medical center Mainz of the journal “European Heart Journal” reported that by using a specific Smartwatch also circulatory disorders of the heart over time.

As it is said in a communication that could lead to your discovery of that world’s heart attacks can be prevented.

Smartwatch ECG recordings provided information on heart, blood circulation disorder

In the case of an 80-year-old patient in Mainz shows that the digitization effect in medicine a lot, and even can save lives.

According to the figures, the passionate Apple Watch-wearer had come in the Chest Pain Unit of the Mainz University medical center and had complained of chest pain, irregular pulse, and the feeling to lose consciousness, – all the typical symptoms of Coronary heart disease (CHD), and thus possible harbingers of a heart attack.

However, a subsequently recorded ECG as well as the following blood tests were unremarkable. In ECG recordings, which had made the patient before using your watch and the physicians, showed, found these marked reductions in the so-called ST-haul – and thus, clear evidence of severe and acute heart blood flow disturbance.

The patient was examined immediately with a heart catheter, which is a severe CHD was found, which could have led to a heart attack.

According to the communication, the almost closed coronary vessels of the woman were stretched with a balloon and stent to be supplied. Two days later, she was free of complaint dismissed.

Diagnostic helpers can save lives

“The Apple Watch and its ECG APP was previously used only for the diagnosis of heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation. In our opinion, this is the first case that could also indicate heart disorders of blood circulation“, so Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Münzel from the centre for cardiology of the University medical center Mainz.

“When you consider that millions of people wear such a watch, our observation of the then already sensational. It was also advantageous that the electronic wrist watch of the ill Elderly woman easily,“ explains the doctor.

“The fact that the ECG App, the Apple Watch can be used in addition to the diagnostic detection of cardiac circulation disorders, to know a lot of professionals and patients”, says PD Dr. Christian Elsner, chief financial officer of the Mainz University medical center.

“The case shows that the digitization is unstoppable in medical technology. Now is the time to make them as safe as possible and efficiently for the future and the patient. With appropriate application of digital diagnostic helper, as in the case of the 80-year-old patient can save lives.“ (ad)