Ina Garten’s Panna Cotta Recipe Includes Fresh Strawberries & This Unexpected Savory Ingredient

This week, Ina Garten is sharing some of her favorite strawberry recipes on Instagram to celebrate summer (and strawberry season!), and her latest post is all about creamy panna cotta served with fresh strawberries and an unexpected savory ingredient: balsamic vinegar! The simple yet decadent dessert is beginner-friendly and has so much layered flavor that you won’t want to end any of your summer days eating anything else.

“Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries is one of my easiest desserts for a dinner party,” Garten captioned her Instagram post. “You make the panna cotta in advance (in one-bowl!) and the strawberries are simply tossed with sugar and balsamic vinegar before serving. The creamy pudding and sweet berries are perfect together!”

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Panna cotta may sound like a daunting dessert to make, but Garten’s Barefoot Contessa recipe walks you through it step-by-step and makes you realize that it’s not so difficult. The pudding portion starts with activating gelatin and, in a separate bowl, whisking together your dairies (heavy cream and yogurt) with vanilla extract and the innards of a vanilla bean.

Then, you just bring a bit more cream and sugar up to a simmer, stir in the gelatin, and then pour the entire thing into the cream and yogurt blend. Pour your hot custard into individual ramekins and refrigerate overnight.

Before you serve, toss from fresh halved strawberries with a splash of balsamic vinegar, sugar, and pepper, and let them macerate at room temp. Then, depot your panna cotta, plate with strawberries, and serve. You’ll be everyone’s favorite friend if you serve this dessert at your next gathering.

Grab the full recipe here and add this strawberry balsamic panna cotta to your repertoire ASAP. Summer is about to get so much sweeter (and more savory!).

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