Jamie Oliver Has a Delicious Recipe for Christmas Leftovers & The Kids Will Love Helping with the Cookie Cutters

Are you tired of leftover turkey, yet? Switch it up with Jamie Oliver’s mouth-watering Christmas Hodgepodge Pie, a perfect way to give new life to your leftovers this week in a way that even your kids will enjoy!

“One of my most favorite parts of Christmas is the leftovers,” Oliver says in a video he posted to Instagram today. “Leftover food is where the flavor is at.” So true!

In his Hodgepodge Pie, you can embrace any leftovers you have from Christmas dinner, including turkey meat, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and more. First, Oliver prepared a pastry crust in a pie pan. Then he layered the leftovers, added a homemade sauce, and other ingredients before topping it with cranberry.

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“Now we can do the bit that River wants to do,” he continues in the video, referencing his 6-year-old son. His 12-year-old son Buddy is also in the video. Oliver rolls out a pastry and his kids help him press Christmas cookie cutters into the dough. He then puts the left-behind dough over the pie first, then he layers Christmas trees, stars, and hearts on top to fill in the holes before popping it into the oven. It’s just an added way of making the meal even more festive — and keep the kids excited about baking, too.

“Let me introduce you to my hodgepodge pie….!” the Food Network star wrote in the caption. “This is a glorious way to use up all those #ChristmasDinner leftovers. Cooked in a smooth, silky sauce and hugged by beautifully crumbly pastry! As you can see the kids love getting involved with this one too!! Full recipe link in my bio, let me know what you’re cooking up with your leftovers xx.”

This is such a great idea and a fun way to keep the kids entertained during winter break. Now is the best time to brush up on their baking skills!

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