Kaavia James Learns How to Style Her Own Hair & It Brings Out Her Sassy Side

Kaavia James is a strong, independent 4-year-old, so when it was time for her to learn how to do her own hair, she was more than ready. In an adorable new video on Instagram, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter shows how she did her own hair during a recent braiding appointment, and you can tell she is feeling her look! In fact, all that hard work has encouraged her sassy side to come out.

“I basically just prepped, conditioned and styled my hair all on my own….” the cute video was captioned on Kaavia’s page, which is run by her parents. “With a little bit of help but you can still call me Ms. Independent 💅🏽”

“Wash day is my self-care day and I’m rocking braids now! 🖤” she added.

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The video starts with a pajama-clad Kaavia holding a pink comb and getting ready for her appointment to begin. She puts the pointy end of the comb through her hair in the middle, practicing an expert part. Next, it’s shampoo time! Kaavia leans back in the sink looking fully relaxed as she gets her hair washed. Same, girl!

Afterward, she runs the conditioner through her hair herself, smiling the whole time. She knows she’s cute! Afterward, Kaavia’s hair is dry, and she sits down to look in the mirror. She gives herself the biggest grin, absolutely loving her clean hair, and the cuteness is out of this world. It’s so sweet!

Later, Kaavia helps blow dry her hair, eats snacks and looks at her iPad while she’s getting braids in, and admires herself in the mirror the whole time.

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