Man accidentally discovers 'years old' apple sticker in ear

An apple a day WON’T keep the doctor away! Drag queen, 24, finds ‘years old’ apple sticker buried in his ear while clearing wax out

  • Ellis Lloyd Jones, 24, from South Wales, found a Gala apple sticker in his ear 
  • The stand-up comedian had not eaten one of the apple since he was a child 
  • He spotted the unexpected object with a small camera attached to an ear pick

When Ellis Lloyd Jones cleaned his ears, he just expected to discover a mountain of wax and hairs.

So, imagine his shock when he actually found a sticker from an apple. 

The 24-year-old, from Wales, who filmed his grim episode, admitted it would have been stuck in there for ‘years’.

Mr Jones, a drag queen, bought an ‘ear picking stick’ that came with a tiny camera attached.

While using it, he spotted a white, round object lurking deeper in his ear canal which he was not expecting.

Mr Jones, who is also a stand-up comedian, pulled it out to find it was a sticker from a Gala apple.

He shared a video of the stomach-churning discovery with his 200,000 followers on TikTok.

Ellis Lloyd Jones, 24, from Treorchy in the Rhondda Fawr valley, South Wales, found a ‘years old’ apple sticker in his ear

In the video, he said: ‘I bought this a while back on TikTok shop, it’s like one of those scoop-it-outy thingys for your ears to get the wax out and it’s also got a camera in it with a light.

‘I’ve been going at it just to see like what’s inside my ears and what I can get out. You see the usual wax, you see hairs and stuff like that.

‘But I found something which I don’t think you should find in your ear. Here’s a warning, you’re gonna see something really disgusting.

‘So, here we are. Like I said, very minging, loads of wax, loads of hairs, and then a white thing. A white thing by there.’ 

Mr Jones got it out of his ear before he cleared away the wax and put the sticker on a piece of kitchen roll.

He said: ‘I haven’t had a Gala apple in years. So this by here has been stuck in my ears for years.’

The clip has now been shared over 4million times and viewers were left baffled how it had been hidden for so long.

One said: ‘This is not what they meant by an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’

Mr Jones, a drag queen, bought an ‘ear picking stick’ that came with a tiny camera attached

Another added: ‘I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t that.’

One of his followers asked: ‘How did that get in there?’ Mr Jones replied: ‘I can only assume I put it in when I was a child.’

Getting something stuck in your can be dangerous, causing pain, infection and even hearing loss.

It occurs most commonly in children, who can show symptoms of ear pain, crankiness or crying.

Doctors do not recommend using devices like cotton buds or the one used by Mr Jones to pull objects out, because they could prod them in further.

Tweezers can be used if the object is easy to see and grasp, or they can be washed out with water. 

If there is an insect stuck in the ear, oil or alcohol should be used to wash it out — but, as with using water, only if the eardrum has not been breached. 

Bleeding, pus or any other sign of infection mean medical care is needed, and patients are advised to straight to their GP or A&E.

Foreign object in the ear: First aid Print 

A foreign object in the ear can cause pain, infection and hearing loss. Usually you know if something is stuck in your ear. But small children may not be aware of it. Children may have symptoms such as ear pain, crankiness or crying.

If an object becomes lodged in the ear:

  • Know when to seek help. If there is bleeding, severe pain, drainage or signs of infection, see a health care provider right away. Also, if you know the object is a battery, seek help right away. And if you can’t easily see the object and you’ve tried removing it more than once, stop and get care. Delays and many failed tries to remove it can lead to infection and damage.
  • Never poke or prod the object. If you use tools such as cotton swabs or matchsticks to pry an object out, they can push it deeper into the ear. This may cause more damage.
  • Use tweezers. If the object is easy to see and grasp, gently remove it with tweezers.
  • Use water. Only wash out the ear canal if you don’t think there is a hole in the eardrum and no ear tubes are in place. Use a rubber-bulb syringe and warm water to wash the object out of the canal. Don’t use water to remove batteries, food or plant material.
  • Use oil or alcohol for an insect. If the object is an insect, tilt the head so that the ear with the insect is upward. Pour alcohol or warm, but not hot, oil into the ear. The oil can be mineral oil, olive oil or baby oil. The insect should float out. Don’t use oil if you think there is a hole in the eardrum or if ear tubes are in place.
  • Never use liquid if there is a hole in the eardrum or if a child has ear tubes. If you see signs of a hole in the eardrum such as pain, bleeding or discharge, see a health care provider right away.

Remember, if you can’t remove the object easily the first time, get help. Also, if the person continues to have pain, discharge from the ear canal, problems hearing or feeling there is something lodged in the ear, see a health care provider.

Source: Mayo Clinic 

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