Orthodontist shares what the colour of your teeth could say about your health

Dentist reveals how much toothpaste you should use

Are your teeth turning a shade of yellow? Orthodontist Dr Khaled Kasem gave the low-down on what is causing it.

Described as the “most common colour” for stained teeth, yellow teeth are often seen in smokers.

However, Dr Kasem said: “It can also be an indication that you’re not paying enough attention to your oral health care routine.”

Yellowish teeth could indicate that you need to look after your teeth more by flossing, brushing, and attending regular dental check-ups.

A person’s diet may also contribute to yellow teeth; culprits include tea, coffee, and cola.

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Purple-looking teeth might occur after quaffing red wine or eating dark fruits, but that’s not the only time this shade would appear.

According to Dr Kasem, teeth can turn a shade of purple following an injury.

Trauma on the teeth causes them to turn mauve, which isn’t too dissimilar from a bruise on the skin.

Any falls, car accidents, or sports injuries could lead to purple-looking teeth.

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Dr Kasem said you should look for this shading after an accident as it could be a sign of internal bleeding.

Teeth can sometimes have a grey appearance because of the material used to fill a cavity.

However, another – more pressing – reason for grey teeth is that the blood supply to that tooth has been cut off, which is indicative of nerve damage.

Dr Kasem said: “Seeking dental advice will properly address the issue and make a plan to restore the appearance of the teeth.”

Any part of the tooth that has turned black is indicative of severe decay.

Dr Kasem said: “This discolouration, unfortunately, means your teeth are in an advanced stage of deterioration.

“If you ignore this, then it could lead to more serious dental health conditions, ultimately leading to tooth loss.”

People who are after white teeth are recommended to get it done professionally at a dentist’s or cosmetic dental surgery for the best results.

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