Pink Reveals a Surprising Outcome of Son Jameson’s COVID-19 Testing

Since the earlier days of the coronavirus pandemic, Pink has been incredibly open about her family’s experience after she and her son, Jameson, 3, tested positive for COVID-19. Now, as she and her family continue to recover the singer has shared that the experience of getting the test for the virus actually helped her find out something else about her child’s health: That he has some pretty serious food allergies to wheat, dairy and eggs.

“Jamo has, turns out, pretty bad food allergies, which we were able to find out in some of the blood testing that we had to do recently because of COVID. So he’s allergic to wheat, dairy and eggs,” she said in a video she posted to instagram over the weekend, showing off her recipe for gluten-free, vegan and egg-free cherry tarts (which, side note: yum?!).

For any parent, finding out about a new allergy can be totally scary — it means you have a whole new set of rules for the foods allowed in your home, at school, friends houses — you name it.



But, for Pink, it was also a chance to experiment with new ways to feed her family that kept everyone happy and safe. The singer said this particular kitchen experiment came about because she and her family have their own cherry tree and love to pick the fruit together — so she thought it was a great way to find a good Jamo-friendly recipe they could all enjoy.

What she landed on was some vegan graham crackers (“I know some of you out there are throwing up in your mouth, but trust me, they’re delicious and they might even be better than the real ones,” she said), add some vegan butter and mash it all up with a mortar and pestle or food processor for the crust. For the filling, she came up with a coconut yogurt, vanilla extract, brown sugar and cherry blend that sounds perfect for summer.

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