Prohibition against a healer – because she’s a cancer patient treated with dubious methods

In Schrobenhausen in upper Bavaria, the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, the district office of the circle occupied by the prohibition of a naturopath with a professional. As a spokeswoman for the district administrator’s office at the request of the star on the phone confirmed that was the woman already in front of days, a decision on the withdrawal of the medical practitioner permission is sent, the beginning of the week came the confirmation of receipt.

The reason for the withdrawal of the authorisation of the dubious treatment of cancer patients. The 54-Year-old should have gotten more Concerned about their chemotherapy discontinued, and instead a recommended Supplement to take.

Metastases are overgrown in patients more

“TV star” had reported in may of 2019 for the first time about the case. The preparation of a Ingolstadt-based manufacturer acquired the patients, therefore, for several thousand euros at the naturopath. However, the supposed miracle cure would have shown no effect. A to esophagus cancer-stricken woman was reported to “star TV” that there was even a significant increase in metastases in the lung and liver after she was switched to the Mediterranean.

The spokeswoman said more, was heard before the withdrawal of the authorisation of an expert Committee. This called for a prohibition from practising a profession, the office of the recommendation followed. For naturopaths, the “law on the professional practice of medicine without appointment (Medical licensure, the Red is.)”. The issuance of a permit requires, among other things, the required level of Fitness, and moral reliability for the profession, in an information sheet for medical practitioner contender on the website of the office.

The therapist operates a private practice. She now has a month of time, in turn, against the prohibition from practising a profession to proceed. As long as you can continue to exercise their profession. The lawsuit should be filed, the district administrator’s office spokeswoman, took the controversial healer even up to a court decision and a final legal validity of the return decision more practice.

Sources: “Schrobenhausener Zeitung, Augsburger Allgemeine”, the “star TV”, Landratsamt Neuburg-Schrobenhausen

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